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Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi began to get used to living side by side with a pandemic

Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, officially ended social distancing policy . The two major Vietnamese cities are now in the ‘low risk’ status of Covid-19 transmission.The two cities will implement a more restrictive restriction policy. However, the policy will be applied more by Hanoi than Ho Chi Minh City.At a Covid-19 Prevention Committee meeting in Ho Chi Minh last Wednesday,

Deputy Committee of Le Thanh Tiem said the Prime Minister of Vietnam, Nguyen Xuan Phuc had allowed each city to stop the social distancing policy which had been running for 22 days since April 1, 2020.Ho Chi Minh was allowed to re-open shops, businesses and various services but still had to follow the instructions of the local government. While Hanoi can end the social distancing policy in only a few regions.Thuong Tin and Me Linh Districts still have to carry out social distancing policies because they are still in the ‘high risk’ status.

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Hanoi Not Completely Opened

Hanoi still has to ban bars, karaoke, restaurants, game centers and cafes from opening. Festivals and sporting events will also be postponed until an undetermined time.Residents can only leave the house if they need something urgent, and must use a mask and keep doing social distancing. Residents who do not use masks when leaving the house will be fined.

Transportation in Hanoi such as buses, taxis and other services are also restricted. Such as the number of seats that can be filled and must remain empty and all transportation equipment must provide a hand sanitizer.Hanoi itself has not yet decided when it will reopen school activities for the two million students of the capital city.

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There have not been any new cases since April 16

At present, there are 112 cases of Covid-19 in Hanoi. 81 of them have been repatriated and have been isolated independently, and 31 others are being treated. Hanoi has not recorded a new case since April 16, 2020.Prime Minister Nguyen said that over the past three months, Vietnam has consistently taken a lot directly to achieve encouraging results. But people still have to be vigilant and need to be reminded again.

Lockdown Dua
Lockdown Dua Kota Besar Vietnam Resmi Berakhir

“We have implemented social distancing well and quickly, so that in the past six days no cases have been detected. Specifically in Ho Chi Minh City, there have been no new cases for 19 consecutive days,” Nguyen said.

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Coexist with Pandemic

Nguyen also said that in the future, Vietnam must accept the situation of coexistence with a pandemic. People must understand this and be aware.”Many countries in the world are still infected, so the risk is not over for us. So, adapting to Covid-19 is normal and pandemic control is needed,” he said.

In the 22 day social distancing policy, all “unnecessary” businesses such as bars, clubs, karaoke and restaurants, must temporarily close.Of the 268 cases of Covid-19 Vietnam, so far as many as 223 have recovered. The country has not recorded new infections in the past six days.The pandemic has spread to 210 countries and regions and the number of reported deaths has exceeded 177,600.

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Vietnam is fined Rp. 40 million for the spreaders of Hoax Corona

Pandemic corona opens a gap for certain elements to spread false news. This fake news or hoax makes people confused, even scared. Moreover, Vietnam is a country with zero corona death cases.Of course hoaxes make the government feel hot. Now, the government imposes sanctions for spreading false news about the corona virus in Southeast Asia worth Rp. 40 million.Quoted from the Straits Times , Thursday, April 16, 2020, these sanctions imposed by the Vietnamese government on hoaxes spreaders.

Nominal reaches 10-20 million dong (Rp20 million-Rp40 million). This figure is equivalent to a basic salary of 3-6 months there.The fine will be imposed on anyone who uses social media to share information that is false, incorrect, distorted, defamatory or not in accordance with the decree.The regulation not only addresses the corona virus problem, but also handles comments that create unrest in the community and strengthens the cyber security law that has been in force since last year.

The fine can be imposed on anyone who publicizes what is banned in Vietnam, state secrets, and Vietnam’s failure map to claim the South China Sea.”This decree is a powerful weapon for online suppression of holders of power in Vietnam,” said the Director of Technology at Amnesty International, O’Carroll.He said the regulation contained a series of provisions which openly violated international human rights in Vietnam.

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Hundreds of people get sanctioned, celebrities are no exception

As part of the government’s seriousness about tackling hoax news, Vietnamese authorities launched a public campaign with the slogan ” Fake News, Real Consequences”Hundreds of fines have been handed down to many people. Three celebrities from Vietnam were also forced by the authorities to apologize to the public.Last month, a woman in Ha Tinh province, fined for uploading a narration on Facebook, said her corona virus had spread around her environment.

The upload only has a few ‘likes’, after that the local police immediately take action.Corona virus cases were first detected in Vietnam in January and the Vietnam Ministry of Health has reported at least 267 positive patients without any deaths. This figure is far below other Asian countries.

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