Kyle Massey Net Worth: How Rich Is He In 2021?

Kyle Orlando Massey is an American actor and rapper. He is best known for playing the role of Cory Baxter in the popular sitcom, That’s So Raven and his appearance on a show called Cory in the House. As of 2021, Kyle Massey’s total value is estimated at $ 3 million.

Full Name Kyle Orlando Massey
Birth Date August 28, 1991
Birth Place Atlanta, Georgia
Profession Actor & Rapper
Relationship Status In a Relationship
Net Worth $3 million

Early Life

Massey was born August 28, 1991, in Atlanta, Georgia. She has worked since childhood as a child actor. He acquired Cory Baxter’s estate in 2003 when he was only 12 years old. The program was called That’s So Raven which can be described as a sitcom of supernatural powers. The game has been a huge success as more than 100 episodes have been created and run a total of 4 seasons.

Due to the popularity of the show, Massey even managed to do a spin off with him as his focus was on Cory in the House which was released in 2007.

Kyle Massey Net Worth and Career

Massey has been linked to Disney beyond That’s So Raven and starred in their first film, Life is Ruff. In addition, he will also be linked to projects such as Fish Hooks and The Electric Company. As Massey grew up, he became involved in music. He also appeared for the first time on a song called Disney Channel Holiday and the song Shaggy Dog.

Finally, he performed the songs Who Let the Dog Out and Jingle Bells in a hip-hop style. In addition, at the Cory in the House show, Massey will be the singer of his theme song. Together with his brother Christopher Massey, who also starred in the role, they once raped together and were nicknamed The Massey Boyz.

Personal Life

In 2007, Massey was in a relationship with Maiara Walsh but their relationship did not last long. After that, Massey will develop a relationship with Bristol Palin whom he met in the Stell Dance Dance set. Their relationship was very strained but ended up splitting up. But, meanwhile, Massey has been in a relationship with Hannah Giraldo and the two together for the last 4 years.

Massey’s work has covered us many times over the various cases and allegations he has been involved in over the years. In 2015, he was the victim of a beating by Lil Twist which resulted in Lil Twist being sent to prison.

Massey has now been charged with trespassing and misconduct with a minor. He is accused of sending sexually explicit images to a 13-year-old girl. The court battle is in full swing as the parents of the young child sue Massey for $ 1.5 million.

Kyle Massey Net Worth

As of 2021, Kyle Massey has an estimated $ 3 million. He made lots of money while working as an actor, rapper and musician.

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