Kal Penn Net Worth: How Much Does the Actor Really Earn in 2021?

Kal Penn is a 44-year-old American actor, best known for starring Lawrence Kutner in Fox’s medical drama series “House”. He is also a former member of the White House, who served in former President Barack Obama’s administration. As of 2021, the total value of Kal Penn has been reduced to approximately $ 10 million.

A veteran actor, Kal Penn recently revealed that he is engaged to his fiancée, Josh. She shared a detailed story about her love affair with Josh in her memoir “You Can’t Be Guilty”.

Full Name Kalpen Suresh Modi
Birth Date April 23, 1977
Birth Place Montclair, New Jersey, U. S.
Profession Actor
Partner Josh
Net Worth $10 million

Early life

Kal Penn was born Kalpen Suresh Modi on 23rd April, 1977 in Montclair, New Jersey, United States. His parents were Gujarati Indians who immigrated to the United States. Kal’s father, Suresh Modi, works as an engineer, and his mother, Asmita Bhatt, works for a perfume company.

As for his educational background, he studied at Marlboro Middle School, where he used to play the baritone saxophone in a jazz band. Later, he attended Howell High School in his new year. He was later transferred to Freehold Township High School to continue his studies for the rest of his life. After graduating from high school, he went to UCLA where he graduated in 2000. He twice won social media and a film from UCLA.

Kal Penn Net Worth & Career

Kal began his acting career in 1998 with the release of the short comedy film “Express: Aisle to Glory”. Since making his first film, he has appeared in many movies and TV series. In 2007, he showed his special performance in the drama movie “The Namesake”. For her excellent performance in film, she has won the Asian Excellence Award. That same year in 2007, she appeared in Fox’s medical drama series “House”.

Penn has been seen to be a leading figure as Drs. Lawrence Kutner in the drama series “House” for five years from 2007 to 2012. In addition to gaining great popularity in the TV role, he has shown his unique performance in various movies. He appeared as Kumar Patel in the film series “Harold & Kumar”. She also garnered additional recognition by appearing in Kevin’s repetitive role on the CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother”.

Kal has also devoted several years of his life to political positions. He has been a member of Obama’s National Arts Policy Committee and has served as a lawyer for former President, Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in 2007 and 2008. He accepted an application to serve as the Joint Director of the White House Office of Public Relations and Intergovernmental Affairs in 2009.

However, he resigned his position as co-ordinator of public relations on June 1, 2010 and returned to his acting role. In November 2013, he was hired by Obama to serve on the Presidential Committee on Arts and Humanities. A few months later in February 2014, he worked for the White House Student Film Festival.

Personal Life

Kal Penn has been in a relationship with his partner named Josh for 11 years. She announced in October 2021 that she was engaged to Josh. Kal shared all the details about his love story with his partner, Josh in his book “You Can’t Worry”.

Penn fell in love with Josh when he came to his house to watch Nascar. Kal also opened up about how he tested his sexuality. She came to know about her sex later in life compared to many other people.

Kal Penn Net Worth

As of 2021, Kal Penn’s fortune is estimated at ten million dollars. He has earned a significant amount of work through his acting and political career. Penn bought a $ 1.2 million house in Hollywood Hills for $ 1.585 million in October 2018.

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