Israeli Scientists Claimed to Have Developed Corona Covid-19 Virus Vaccine

They have made a significant breakthrough in understanding the new corona virus or COVID-19.

Scientists at the Institute for Biological Research in Israel claimed to have made a significant breakthrough in understanding the new Corona virus or COVID-19.Reported by , sources at the institute recently claimed that they were able to understand the biological mechanism and quality of the new Corona virus.Not only that, they have also been able to perform better diagnostics, produce antibodies for those infected with the virus and develop a vaccine for the virus.

But when asked about the progress, the Israeli Ministry of Defense was reluctant to make a statement that seemed hurried.”The Institute has not yet had a breakthrough in finding a vaccine for the corona virus or for developing its test equipment,” the Israeli Defense Ministry said.It was also stated that the institute worked according to a schedule and work plan that would definitely require time.The Institute for Biological Research is a world-famous research and development institution. They have experienced researchers and scientists with good infrastructure and knowledge.

There are currently more than 50 experienced scientists working at the institute to research and develop vaccines for the corona virus.Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyhu previously ordered the agency to devote resources to developing a vaccine for COVID-19 on February 1, 2020.Usually, the long process of making a vaccine involves pre-clinical trials in animals followed by clinical trials in humans.This is done to understand the characteristics of the vaccine’s side effects and their impact on the infected population.The development process requires a series of tests and other experiments that can take months before the vaccine is considered effective or safe to use.

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Ridwan Kamil Reveals Corona Drug Can Be Developed in West Java

Until now there has been no specific drug for the corona virus (Covid-19). Positive patients treated like world patients with drugs to relieve symptoms so as not to get worse.Until now, the virus itself cannot be prevented by certain drugs and vaccines. A number of medical researchers in various countries are working hard to find a cure for the disease that has infected 124 countries.The Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, through his Instagram account brought quite encouraging facts. He revealed research published in China and the National Institute of Health, United States. According to the study 100 corona patients improved their condition due to the administration of drugs containing Chloroquin Phosphate.

Israeli Scientists Claimed to 2020
Israeli Scientists Claimed to 2020 Have Developed Corona Covid-19 Virus Vaccine

According to Prof. Keri Lestari  unpad from UNPAD Kloroquin Phosphate is another name for the KINA medicine as a malaria drug, which apparently can prevent growth and block covid-19 virus infections. And the KINA tree was planted in West Java for 70 years in the soil produced by West Java. Kimia Farma, ” he wrote.Knowing that fact, Ridwan Kamil immediately coordinated with Professor Keri. He also asked the research team at various universities in West Java to conduct further studies about the Covid-19 virus.”The West Java Provincial Government encourages universities in West Java to immediately conduct scientific studies related to the handling of the covid-19 virus problem,” he wrote.

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WHO Establishes Corona Virus Global Pandemic Outbreak

World Health Organization (WHO) officially establishes Covid-19 as a global pandemic outbreak. This decree was announced on Wednesday night local time or Thursday morning.WHO Director General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said confirmed cases outside China experienced a sharp increase. The number of infected countries has also increased.”In the past two weeks the number of cases outside China has increased 13-fold and the number of affected countries has tripled,” Tedros said, CBNC reported .

He said several countries could suppress and control the plague. However, he was angry at a number of world leaders who failed to act quickly and drastically to curb the spread of the corona virus.”We are very concerned about the alarming level of spread and severity, also by the alarming level of lags,” he said.Tudros stressed that he had warned the world to be vigilant before the outbreak became a pandemic. “We have turned on the alarm loud and clear,” he said.

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World Leaders’ Criticism Is Less Responsive to Situations

Cases in China and South Korea, said Tudros, have declined dramatically. Meanwhile, 81 countries have no confirmed cases and 57 countries have 10 more confirmed cases of infection.He was also disappointed that there were still countries that were less determined to fight this dangerous virus. Tudros reminded that every country can change the direction of a pandemic.

“Some countries struggle with capacity shortages. Some countries struggle with lack of resources. Some countries struggle with lack of determination,” Tudros said.The number of cases and death rates due to corona virus experienced a drastic change in a short time. On Wednesday night, there were 121,564 confirmed cases and 4,373 patients died according to John Hopkins University data.Outside China, the confirmed cases are 32,778 and at least occur in 109 countries as of Thursday, March 12, 2020 at 3:00 a.m.

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Tom Hanks and Positive Wife Infected by Corona Virus

The legendary Hollywood actor, Tom Hanks, made a surprising confession. He and his wife, Rita Wilson, tested positive for the corona virus.According to the New York Times , Hanks made his statement via his official Twitter account on Wednesday afternoon. He was tested positive for Covid-19 in Australia, while working on his latest film about the life story of Elvis Presley.“Hello, friends. Rita and I are now in Australia. We feel a little tired, it looks like we have a cold and some body aches,” Hanks chirped.Hanks said, Rita sometimes shivered. Also have a low-grade fever. “To find out for sure, as is currently happening in the world, we tested the corona virus and turned out positive” Hanks said.

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Isolated in Australia

Furthermore, he and his wife will undergo a period of testing, observation and isolation as long as needed to maintain public safety and health.”It’s not just a day-to-day approach right? We will continue to update the development of information,” he said.Elvis Presley’s film directed by Baz Luhrmann began filming on Monday. In this film, Hanks plays Colonel Tom Parker, Presley’s eccentric manager who made the singer a star in the 1950s.”The health and safety of our partners has always been a top priority, and we take precautions to protect everyone who works in our production around the world,” said Warner Bros.

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