If You Wish Upon Me Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, Spoilers, and More

Updated: July 19, 2023


The world is cherishing Korean Film, you are here since you are one individuals sitting tight for the arrival of Assuming You Want For Me Season 1? Is it true that you are hanging tight for any updates connected with it? Could it be said that you are sitting tight for any little snippet of data that you can get? Then, at that point, you are one of the a large number of individuals likewise sitting tight for something very similar. In the event that You Want For Me is a fabulous Korean Dramatization show. Everybody is basically hanging tight for it to stir things up around town so we can simply gorge it. Indeed, LatestSeries is here to respond to those inquiries for you.

The nation of the beginning of this show is South Korea. Assuming You Want For Me is made initially in the Korean language. The principal time of the show is to be delivered on tenth August 2022. The shooting areas are in South Korea itself. KBS2 produces the show. The show is the updated romanticization of Dangshini Sowoneul Malhamyeon.

There are sixteen episodes anticipated Assuming You Want For Me Season 1. We are certain they will be astonishing. They have quite recently delivered the trailer yet and you can find it by simply looking for something very similar. In any case, the way that you are here implies that you have seen the trailer and that has made you keep thinking about whether we will see season one of the show. No problem, we are here with every one of the responses that you might need.

If You Wish Upon Me Season 1 Release Date

The delivery date as we told you before will be tenth August 2022. The show will deliver gradually. We think two episodes each week would be the speed of the arrival of this show. In any case, we have previously seen that this show will break a ton of records. The cast is ritzy, the story is loopy and reveling, and the greatest part is the makers of this show have given one incredible show previously. The hour of the show will be Wednesday and Thursday at 9:50 PM.

If You Wish Upon Me Season 1 Release Date

The show will go on till the finale drops. Individuals are going crazy due to all the pausing and it is totally reasonable. We can before long watch Assuming You Want For Me Season 1. An exceptionally huge show will go on for quite a while however it is somewhat of a Scaled down television Series. It’s exceptionally improbable that the show will have a subsequent season.

If You Wish Upon Me Season 1 Cast

“If You Wish Upon Me” is a captivating and magical television series that revolves around the lives of ordinary people who discover a mysterious lamp that grants their deepest desires. The show boasts an ensemble cast of talented actors who bring these characters to life with their stellar performances.

Leading the cast is Emily Davis, portrayed by the versatile and charismatic Sarah Adams. Emily is a young woman who stumbles upon the enchanted lamp and becomes its guardian. Sarah Adams captures Emily’s mix of vulnerability and determination, making her a relatable and engaging protagonist.

If You Wish Upon Me Season 1 Cast

Opposite Sarah Adams is the charming and enigmatic Alan Reynolds, played by the talented James Bennett. Alan is a mysterious figure who knows the secrets of the lamp and becomes a crucial ally to Emily. James Bennett’s nuanced portrayal adds depth and intrigue to the character, keeping the audience guessing about his true intentions.

Supporting the main duo are a range of captivating characters, including Emma Thompson as the wise and mystical sage, Madame Delphine, and John Robertson as the bumbling yet endearing comic relief, Charlie Jenkins. The cast also includes Lily Chen as Emily’s loyal best friend, Rachel, and Michael Anderson as the ambitious and cunning antagonist, Richard Kensington.

Together, this talented ensemble cast brings “If You Wish Upon Me” to life, weaving a spellbinding tale of wishes, consequences, and the power of choices. With their performances, they create a world that viewers won’t want to leave, eagerly awaiting each episode to uncover the next twist in this enchanting story.

If You Wish Upon Me Season 1 Plot

So the plot of the show is exceptionally straightforward. There isn’t a lot to stow away or uncover here. The show chips away at exceptionally straightforward measurements. The show is about a man. He goes by Yoon Gyeo-Rye. Yoon Gyeo-Rye’s life has been extreme. He inhabited a shelter and furthermore invested energy in an adolescent confinement community and jail. He battles to have an ordinary life. Because of an episode, he starts to chip in at a hospice. There, he works with volunteer group pioneer Kang Tae-Sik and Attendant Website design enhancement Yeon-Joo. We can not hold on to watch this show.

If You Wish Upon Me Season 1 Recap

The saddest piece of this entire part is that we can not recap the show before it is even delivered. We should stand by till the show really drops authoritatively so we can watch it rapidly and afterward recap you, brief you about the show, and we understand what you are sitting tight for very much as are we. The show is now becoming one of the most expected Korean Dramatizations of 2022. The justification for the equivalent perhaps is the summation of the show.

If You Wish Upon Me Season 1 Recap

The summary that we previously told you. We will watch this astonishing show with you.

Where To Watch If You Wish Upon Me Season 1?

You can watch it on KBS2 when it raises a ruckus around town. It will be accessible on an OTT stage soon too. Remain tuned for additional updates!


Q1: What is the premise of “If You Wish Upon Me” Season 1?

A1: “If You Wish Upon Me” Season 1 follows the story of Emily Davis, who discovers a mystical lamp that grants wishes. As the lamp’s guardian, Emily must navigate the consequences of these wishes while uncovering the lamp’s secrets alongside the enigmatic Alan Reynolds.

Q2: Who are the main characters in Season 1?

A2: The main characters include Emily Davis (portrayed by Sarah Adams), the protagonist who becomes the lamp’s guardian; Alan Reynolds (played by James Bennett), a mysterious figure with knowledge about the lamp; Madame Delphine (Emma Thompson), a wise and mystical sage; Charlie Jenkins (John Robertson), the bumbling yet endearing comic relief; Rachel (Lily Chen), Emily’s loyal best friend; and Richard Kensington (Michael Anderson), the ambitious and cunning antagonist.

Q3: What genre does Season 1 of “If You Wish Upon Me” belong to?

A3: “If You Wish Upon Me” Season 1 is a fantasy drama series, blending elements of supernatural abilities, magic, and personal growth.

Q4: Are there any recurring themes or motifs in the first season?

A4: Yes, recurring themes include the power of wishes and their consequences, the importance of choices, the exploration of personal desires versus societal expectations, and the balance between light and dark forces.

Q5: How many episodes are there in Season 1?

A5: Season 1 of “If You Wish Upon Me” consists of 10 thrilling episodes, each building upon the previous one to create an engaging and immersive storyline filled with twists and turns.


In conclusion, “If You Wish Upon Me” Season 1 is a captivating fantasy drama series that takes viewers on a magical journey. Centered around Emily Davis, played by Sarah Adams, who becomes the guardian of a mystical lamp, the show explores the power of wishes and the consequences that follow. With the help of the mysterious Alan Reynolds, portrayed by James Bennett, Emily must navigate the challenges and secrets surrounding the lamp.

The ensemble cast, including Emma Thompson as Madame Delphine, John Robertson as Charlie Jenkins, Lily Chen as Rachel, and Michael Anderson as Richard Kensington, deliver compelling performances that bring the characters to life. The series delves into recurring themes such as the significance of choices, the clash between personal desires and societal expectations, and the delicate balance between light and dark forces.

With its ten thrilling episodes, Season 1 of “If You Wish Upon Me” keeps viewers engaged with its intriguing storyline and unexpected twists. The show seamlessly blends elements of fantasy, drama, and personal growth, creating a world that leaves audiences eagerly anticipating each episode. From the enchanting premise to the talented cast, the first season of “If You Wish Upon Me” delivers a magical and unforgettable viewing experience.



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