Volunteer father’s arms daughter wrapped in plastic for sake of COVID-19

Father could not help miss, unfortunately he could not hug his son directly.

Being the vanguard of corona virus prevention keeps its own sad story. They can be strong without associating with others or other relatives. But feelings of emotion and sadness cannot be hidden when these volunteers and medical personnel cannot get close to their own family members.Some viral photos on social media, show how sad the interaction of a father who fought in the vanguard with his daughter. The feeling of longing for your child is so high but he can’t hug his baby.

During his service, the man almost never returned. He only communicates with family, especially his daughter, by telephone or video call.One day, the child really wants to meet his father in person. He even persuaded his father to meet him.In the Instagram account @nyonya_gosip , the father then took the initiative to use a plastic bag as a wrapper for his daughter so they could hug each other. This is done because the child does not want to be persuaded to go home immediately.

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Won’t Go Home

Father had persuaded his baby to go home, but what the power of longing could not be stopped, the father was motivated so that his son uses a large plastic bag to use so that the father can cuddle with his baby,” wrote the account.”Father, I miss you,” the child said when he met his father.”Daddy also miss the same brother, do’ain my father hurry home,” answered his father.

In the photo, the father seemed unable to hold back his tears and hug the baby. He also advised not to forget to pray that the pandemic would end.His father also asked him to stay home and not forget to wash his hands.Not yet known where this event occurred. But the upload is increasingly viral and commented on citizens who feel touched.

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Haru, Elderly Covid-19 Patient Celebrates 50 Years of Marriage

Heartwarming stories happening in Italy. A couple who were exposed to Covid-19 celebrated 50 years of their marriage while holding hands in the intensive care room (ICU).As reported by the page Worldofbuzz , they are Sandra and Giancarlo, a pair of elderly who fought against Covid-19 at the Murri Hospital Hospital, in the Merche Region, Italy.

daughter wrapped in plastic
Volunteer father’s arms daughter wrapped in plastic for sake of COVID-19

Due to their poor condition, a pair of elderly people aged 71 and 73 must be placed in an intensive care room (ICU) with ventilator breathing apparatus installed.However, the situation did not dampen the love of the elderly couple.To one of the nurses who took care of him, Giancarlo revealed how much he loved his wife despite years of marriage.That day coincides with their 50th wedding anniversary. Because of that, the hospital nurses thought they had to celebrate.

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These Elderly Couples Love Each Other

Older people have a compromised immune system, making them very vulnerable to this highly contagious disease.As a result, they must be treated in the Intensive Care Unit to ensure that their condition does not worsen.This is what happened to Sandra and her husband, Giancarlo. The couple, Sandra, 71, and her husband Giancarlo, 73, were both hospitalized in Marche, after they both tested positive for Covid-19.

As per hospital policy they must be placed in different rooms. They were both placed in separate beds and a ventilator attached to their face to help breathe.”Sandra continued to cry not because of herself, but because she was worried about her husband,” said Roberta Ferretti, hospital reanimation nurse.To Ferretti, Giancarlo with a ventilator on his body revealed how much he loved his wife despite years of marriage.

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Nurses Surprise Their 50th Anniversary Wedding Anniversary

When Ferretti found out that it was their 50th wedding anniversary, he immediately thought that it was necessary to hold a celebration.Awaited moment arrived, medical staff with protective equipment surrounded the couple and made a heart symbol using their fingers.In the photo taken during that touching moment, an elderly couple held hands while still lying on their respective beds”We put a candle with the number ’50’ on a small cake, but couldn’t light it because they were near the oxygen cylinder,” Ferretti said.

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Hand-holding each other

Party only lasts for 10 minutes. Ferretti is working with other medical staff to move the partner’s bed so that they are close enough to hold hands.”Their beds are then placed close together, where they then hold hands with the remaining energy they have,” he said.They also played the song “Wedding March” while holding hands with the little strength they still had.

According to Ferretti, Giancarlo kept repeating the words of love to his wife and made the staff shed tears. They can feel how much the elderly couple love each other.”This is a very great moment, very beautiful. Those minutes seemed to pay the sacrifice that we (health workers) have done for the last few times,” he continued.”We hope that the couple will recover soon from Covid-19 and can celebrate their anniversary next year,” Ferretti added.

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