Failing to Sell HP Memory Card, Mother in Gorontalo Find IDR 20 Thousand Debt for Buying Rice

He used social media because he had no way anymore.

Corona virus pandemic has a real impact on the people’s economy. Many residents lose their income and struggle to survive.Various methods are used to make a living. From switching professions, selling favorite items, to borrowing money.As did Irma, 25, a resident of Moodu Village, Kota Timur District, Gorontalo City, Gorontalo. Irma was forced to seek a Rp. 20,000 loan through social media to buy rice.The implementation of PSBB in the area where he lives is felt. It’s so difficult to find money to meet family needs.

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Take advantage of Social Media

Through Facebook status in the ‘Gorontalo Portal’ group, Jannah Nur Maulida’s account stated that she wanted to borrow Rp. 20 thousand to buy rice.” Assalamualaikum There are only 20 thousand people who can borrow money here. God willing, I will definitely change the problem because the children will run out of rice at home. God willing, I will change quickly.If my husband can get a job, I will immediately replace it. I don’t have the heart to see children asking for rice, “said Jannah in the Gorontalo Portal group, quoted

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Husband Doesn’t Work Due to Covid-19

Irma’s husband works as a laborer. As a result of the pandemic and the introduction of the PSBB in Gorontalo, this small family struggles to earn an income.He could not bear to see his two children aged 2 and 5 years starving. To be brave enough to look for loans through social media.”Poor children have been crying so forced to borrow money. (Husband) has been trying to find work, but could not get it. Especially at this time PSBB made limited activities,” said Irma.

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Failing to Sell HP Memory
Failing to Sell HP Memory Card, Mother in Gorontalo Find IDR 20 Thousand Debt for Buying Rice

Had to Offer Mobile Memory

Before being forced to make the Facebook status, Irma claimed to have tried to sell her cellphone memory. Unfortunately, it never sold.He will feel more relieved while at home there are goods that can be sold and rice for food supplies. Unfortunately, memory card sales ads have no response at all.The status conveyed by Irma was finally sweet and knocked the hearts of the people. Many were moved to help, one of which was Devianti Said.

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Assisted by Netizens

Through uploads on Facebook, Devianti said she was happy to be able to provide food.”Alhamdulillah, I met Mrs. Irma, who asked for help at the portal, it turns out that it is true that it is not hoax I am also just perfunctory to thank portal friends for their comments and attention,” Devianti Said wrote.Moodu Sub-District Head, Rasyid Male, revealed that Irma’s family had received food aid. Meanwhile, Direct Cash Assistance cannot be disbursed because it is still in the data collection process.”After I saw the data, it turns out they had received basic food assistance from the village. We have visited the family to ask for the data needed,” said Rasyid.

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