Facebook friends aren’t that bad anymore.

Why is man should always think bad

Talked to a sir in the last days, he said that man should always think bad so that if any situation is facing bad conditions then do not be sad because it was already thought that this is to be and if it is good. Then it is even more pleasing to have the unexpected satisfaction.The problem for all of us, including myself, is that we see the positive side of everything, but even before that, the negative side is enough to frighten us. Thinking overly positive is not good for health, but it is also wise to deal with negative behaviors early on.

Why are the wasting time,in the life

The same is true of our social media, assuming it has a lot of disadvantages, we are wasting time, abusing each other, lying on social media, becoming a network of self-determination and artificiality. But there are some benefits that are still beyond sight.You have often heard that the world of emotions and expressions is infinite and very wide. People we live with must feel their love every day, but many times you also have to hear that they are loving every day. For whom, why are so many dialogues being played? Is there anything you want?

Facebook friends
Facebook friends aren’t that bad anymore.

But Facebook, by contrast, is the world here. The more you chat with anyone, the more you talk about your vocabulary will increase. However, if you have to talk for half an hour in real mode with real friends, then it just seems good.You can’t be available for 2 hours with your real friends, but not on Facebook, people are online to listen to you early in the morning and even at night.

Facebook friends are not a Pandora’s box of tips for you – though the words and instructions of real friends are good, there is never a time to discuss or to lecture. This is not the case on FB Friends, when the heart does not want to say goodbye.Any time we have to meet our friends we have to schedule a week just where to meet? When will you meet When will you get a holiday Begum is angry. Can’t come right now but it doesn’t happen here whenever you want to turn on FB and start a conversation.

There is no preparation tension – with FB friends you spend a good deal of time in your life because usually they are not so interested in your personal life, but by gossiping you will surely lighten your heart which you normally would. No need to choose bosses, save money or tension anywhere, turn on Wi-Fi and start talking.Most importantly, you have no emotional attachment to Facebook friends. There are so many worlds out there, and even in normal life there is a breakup, it takes you six months to handle it.

Now, do not think that I am supporting Facebook Friends

Now, do not think that I am supporting Facebook Friends, not everyone, your relationships with your siblings, parents, friends and friends are very important and they are not changed, but informative. Facebook has a hand in communicating, expressing emotions positively – there are different people who help you determine your thoughts even when you do not want to. Here you are, even with people older and younger. Can talk but in real life it is not possible. Because all they say is that you should be friends with your peers.

However, while making friends on social media requires a lot of caution, try to first look at what people are trending for, review their posts, likes and dislikes, and then start talking in the inbox. Share your personal information to an extent and give other people more opportunity to speak.And most importantly, do not forget to click on the block option immediately before you know who cannot be your best friend.

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