Escaping from Hospital in Demak, COVID-19 Patients Arrested in North Maluku

Patient was about to leave for Ternate.

A positive patient of Covid-19 from Demak, Central Java, escaped from the hospital since April 13, 2020. No kidding, he went far to North Maluku.The Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling Covid-19 from the TNI and Polri elements conducted a search by land. Officers searchedUI Tobelo, North Halmahera to Sofifi, the capital of North Maluku.

Patient was finally found at the Surya Pagi inn, Sofifi, North Maluku. Sofifi’s health team then picked up the patient and took him to the Chasan Boesoirie Regional General Hospital Ternate to be isolated.”It has been secured by the (TNI-Polri) apparatus. After the task force’s health team came directly to bring him to Ternate to be treated (inpatient) in an isolation room,” said Coordinator of the Covid-19 Coordination Handling Acceleration Command in North Maluku Province, Ali Yau.

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Status Increases to Be Positive Covid-19

Based on information from the Central Java Task Force, the status of this patient changed from ODP to be positively infected by the corona virus after the test results came out on Saturday afternoon, April 18, 2020.Information from the victim’s wife and family, the patient headed to Sofifi to cross to Ternate City.

According to the Malifut and Babinsa Sofifi Koramil reports, the man was found to be at the inn.He has not been able to leave for Ternate because the speedboat port of the Sofifi-Ternate route is closed at night.When he got the information, the local authorities immediately went through several lodgings and found the

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Mystery of Bali is immune to the Corona Virus, This is an Epidemiology Expert

Island of the Gods is in the spotlight. This is because the number of corona cases in Bali since it was first announced by President Joko Widodo in early March to date has only 38 cases, with a mortality rate of only 2 patients.The Hong Kong-based Asia Times daily made a special report on it. In an article entitled ‘Bali’s Mysterious Immunity to Covid-19′, the media highlighted the absence of an increase in positive cases of Covid-19 in Bali.

Asia Times highlights the few positive corona numbers. This raises suspicion because Bali is a destination for foreign tourists, including from China.To reinforce the argument, the Asia Times included data on an increase in the number of Chinese tourist arrivals by 3 percent in January 2020. In the same month, the corona virus paralyzed Wuhan.Section Head of Prevention and Control of the Bali Health Service,

Escaping Hospital in Demak
Escaping from the Hospital in Demak, Covid-19 Patients Arrested in North Maluku

I Wayan Sudiyasa, immediately refuted this assumption. According to him, there has been no scientific research that says the Balinese are immune to the corona virus.”When compared with the total population of Bali, positive patients have included many compared to other regions, entering the top 10 at the national level,” said Sudiyasa, quoted from

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Said Epidemiologist

Bali Covid-19 Countermeasure Call Data Center shows the trend of Covid-19 cases on the Island of the Gods tends to sloping. However, the number of positive cases of Covid-19 continues to increase.As of April 16, 2020, there were 113 positive patients, 8 of them foreign nationals. The number of patients died was recorded 2 people, both are foreign nationals.Data on the data collection site itself there is no information about the number of positive people Covid-19 who did a rapid test.

Meanwhile, UI epidemiologist Syahrizal Syarif said that no human in the world is immune to the corona virus. It is possible, he said, if rapid antigen testing is used, more positive corona viruses can be found.”For rapid tests, there could be many asymptomatic cases. But I don’t want to speculate without data,” Syahrizal said.

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Mysteries of Bali Become Corona Covid-19 Virus ‘Immune’ Island

It’s been almost three months the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the corona virus as a global pandemic. This health threat is a blow to the economy, especially the tourism sector in Bali.However, there is something unique about the Covid-19 case on the Island of the Gods. To date, there have been only 86 positive Covid-19 patients with a mortality rate of 2 patients.One reason is the high number of positive corona cases which reached 4,839 on April 14, with the largest case in Java.

This fact makes the foreign media and bloggers surprised, especially since Bali is known as a world tourist destination. In fact, Bali itself still opened international borders until March when corona began to run rampant.”I also feel confused because it doesn’t make sense,” the blogger who lives in Ubud, Rio Helmi, was quoted as saying by the Asia Times.”We don’t have data, but there are signs of a surge in deaths,” he continued.

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There was no surge in activity at the hospital

Not only that, in Bali it seems that there are no hospitals that are overwhelmed in handling Covid-19 patients.’Mystery’ is also expressed by Jack Daniels, editor of the daily Balidiscovery.”We have not heard of any high death reports in Bali, even in the village areas are still free of Corona,” Daniels said.He said the cases of death from Covid-19 in Bali were mostly foreigners.

One of them is a British woman who has a history of severe illness.In Denpasar, there are four crematorium facilities or cremation. However, even though the national Covid-19 case is increasing, the crematorium continues to operate normally without any increase in activity.

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