It is not recommended to mourn the people who died due to COVID-19

The community is expected to hold back.

Chairperson of the Indonesian Association of Public Health Experts (IAKMI), Ede Suray Darmawan, asked the community not to mourn the bodies of those who died positively due to contracting the corona virus or Patients Under Supervision (PDP) to suppress the spread of Covid-19.”There has been a suggestion, if there is a corona positive corpse or PDP still, vigilance must still be done.

We recommend that those who mourn also limit themselves,” explained Ede.Although there is a PDP or ODP status, it is possible that laboratory results show corona positive. So, it’s better to refrain from mourn.For the time being, said Ede, the best way to express condolences can be to start from grieving by keeping a distance, sending mourning money, and giving alms after this outbreak has subsided.

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Current Conditions Karawang Regent who is treated positively by Corona

The condition of the Karawang Regent, Cellica Nurrachadiana, is declared to be improving. Cellica underwent isolation and incentive treatment because it tested positive for corona virus.Spokesperson of the Karawang Covid-19 Accident Management Task Force Team, Fitra Hergyana, said Cellica had undergone intensive care at a referral hospital.have no dangerous clinical symptoms,Although improved, Cellica still needs to undergo treatment in hospital until his condition is completely recovered. Fitra also stated that currently, the number of Covid-19 patients in Karawang reached 33 people.

Eight of the 33 people tested positive for Covid-19 after finding swab tests. While 25 others tested positive for the virus while undergoing a rapid test.In addition, the number of people under monitoring (ODP) in Karawang reached 1,355 people and 25 patients under surveillance (PDP).Fitra appealed to the public to follow the direction of the government in an effort to suppress the Corona virus. Karawang people are asked not to do outdoor activities and implement social distancing.

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The Last Conversation Positive Corona Children and Mothers Done Using a Walkie Talkie

The sad events surrounding the corona positive patient and his family occur again. This time it happened to the six Rutter brothers. The mother, Sundee Rutter, 42, who had just survived breast cancer was declared dead from Covid-19 on March 16, 2020.Elijah Ross-Rutter, the eldest son of Sundee Rutter said the last time he saw the mother in the treatment room could only be done through a small glass window.

Elijah and her younger siblings had to say goodbye to their mother through walkie-talkies without being able to hug the mother.”I said I love him … He doesn’t need to worry about us,” Elijah said, quoted by Buzzfeednews.Sundee Rutter has just been said to have survived breast cancer. However, on March 16, 2020 it was declared dead due to Covid-19.Her six children and younger sister and mother must say goodbye through walkie-talkies because they know the high risk of the Covid-19 virus.

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who died due to COVID-19 2020
It is not recommended to mourn the people who died due to COVID-19 2020

Heartbreaking seconds

During his cancer recovery, Sundee was always surrounded by family and friends. But this could not happen when he was treated for Covid-19.Initially, Elijah was allowed to see her mother wearing a mask. After a time the mother is completely isolated.Elijah first took his mother to the hospital where the Covid-19 case was first treated in Washington, the Providence Regional Medical Center.

When he arrived at the hospital, he and his mother had to wait eight hours in solitary confinement with officers passing by in protective clothing. After that, they were allowed to go home.”He thought he only had the common cold. But it’s hard for us to know how mothers can be exposed to the virus, because not many people are affected around here,” Elijah said.

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Sad Moment

Initially in Washington there were only 27 positive cases of corona and nine died. While now it has reached 4,300 with 195 dead.Last Monday, there were 1,068 positive corona cases and 21 died in Snohmish County, where Sundee Rutter lives.On March 7, four days after Elijah and his mother were discharged, they returned to the hospital. This time Elijah was not isolated and was just waiting for the results of his mother’s lab test.A few hours later, the doctor who conducted the test called Elijah and his mother were required to stay in the hospital to be treated for suspected

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Malaysia Lockdown Corona, Elderly Walks to Singapore

Recently, the mass media in Malaysia is bustling with reports of elderly women (Elderly) who walk to Singapore. The woman started walking from the Johor Baru Customs point to Singapore on foot.According to sources, the woman was forced to walk because of the Lockdown policy or closure of access to and out of the Malaysian government related to the prevention of Corona Covid-19 transmission.Malaysian government imposed a lockdown policy from 18-31 March and then was extended until 14 April 2020.

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Going home when I heard my husband was sick

Woman reportedly had just moved to Johor for two weeks when lockdown was imposed in Malaysia. At that time, his son really needed his help to look after his children.Not long after, she heard her 80-year-old husband became ill and needed treatment. The woman decided to return to Singapore on foot.

Woman began her journey from Johor around 5 pm on Sunday (March 29), and reached Boon Lay, Singapore at 21:30. He traveled four hours by foot carrying a bag.”As his son, I was very touched when I saw this picture because it reminded me that a mother is willing to do anything for her family, even if it means sacrificing her time,” Herman Sudil said.

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