Desperate to Hold Nikahan in Bali, 7 Invited Guests COVID-19

Party was held on March 20, 2020.

Although the Australian Prime Minister has issued a ban on traveling abroad in early March, 30 people still came to a wedding in Bali late last month. As a result, seven out of 30 people tested positive for corona virus.The couple from Newcastle, England, Matt and Jess Muir, continue to hold a small wedding party in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. They invited only 30 people from the 120 planned guests at the start.

This wedding party was held at Villa Shalimar, Canggu, on March 20, 2020, quoted from . In the Instagram post, the bride thanked relatives and family for their ‘sacrifice’ in traveling abroad to be present at their wedding recipe.”I appreciate and thank you for the sacrifice they made to celebrate our special day! This means a lot to both of us!” The bride wrote.

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7 Guests Exposed to Corona

A few days after the reception ended, the 30 people returned to Australia. Seven of the guests tested positive for Covid-19 exposure.”We all went home, we didn’t even know we were experiencing it, there were no symptoms,” said one of the guests infected with Covid-19.Luckily, the seven people have recovered. They were grateful that no one had to undergo treatment at the hospital.

One person tested and was positive so we all tested. The illness was not as scary as I had imagined, I have experienced worse hangovers,” he said.All Australians who have traveled abroad and returned, must be isolated in government-provided facilities for 14 days. According to some people who must be cared for, being in government facilities is like spending time in a locked room.

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Mysteries of Bali Become Corona Covid-19 Virus ‘Immune’ Island

It’s been almost three months the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the corona virus as a global pandemic. This health threat is a blow to the economy, especially the tourism sector in Bali.However, there is something unique about the Covid-19 case on the Island of the Gods. To date, there have been only 86 positive Covid-19 patients with a mortality rate of 2 patients.In fact, a number of scientific studies state that Indonesia with its vast territory is considered a ‘corona virus time bomb’ in southeast Asia. One reason is the high number of positive corona cases which reached 4,839 on April 14, with the largest case in Java.

This fact makes the foreign media and bloggers surprised, especially since Bali is known as a world tourist destination. In fact, Bali itself still opened international borders until March when corona began to run rampant.”I also feel confused because it doesn’t make sense,” the blogger who lives in Ubud, Rio Helmi, was quoted as saying by the Asia Times.”We don’t have data, but there are signs of a surge in deaths,” he continued.

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There was no surge in activity at the hospital

Not only that, in Bali it seems that there are no hospitals that are overwhelmed in handling Covid-19 patients.’Mystery’ is also expressed by Jack Daniels, editor of the daily Balidiscovery.”We have not heard of any high death reports in Bali, even in the village areas are still free of Corona,” Daniels said.

Desperate to Hold Nikahan 2020
Desperate to Hold Nikahan 2020 in Bali, 7 Invited Guests COVID-19

He said the cases of death from Covid-19 in Bali were mostly foreigners. One of them is a British woman who has a history of severe illness.In Denpasar, there are four crematorium facilities or cremation. However, even though the national Covid-19 case is increasing, the crematorium continues to operate normally without any increase in activity.

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Little Positive Cases

Private houses in Bali currently have a test kit for Covid-19. However, one of the doctors from the Bali medical institution said that so far there have only been two to three deaths due to Covid-19 in government hospitals in the past four weeks.There has been no update of the data to date. As a result, there is a suspicion of the confidentiality of patient data.

In fact, government hospitals in Bali are reluctant to open data to the public which may be different from the figures of the Ministry of Health. So far, the Ministry of Health noted that the positive case of Covid-19 in Bali has remained at 38 with two deaths.

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This fact is really confusing, given the increasing number of tourists from China who came to Bali in January as much as 3 percent. At that time, Wuhan City was undergoing a lockdown and China was believed to be the source of the spread of the virus.In fact, tourists from China still come to Bali until February 5. A few weeks after that date, Bali only closed its international travels.Even though there was a ‘mysterious’ event, the tourism industry which is the leading island of the Gods remains affected by this Covid-19. This pandemic became the worst event after the 2002 Bali Bombing.

Bali’s tourism industry has not been hit again since the 2002 Bali bombing, which made the local economy devastated for two years. Foreign tourists, especially from Australia, stay away from Bali.Bomb terror occurred again in Bali in 2005. These events made the economy more difficult.

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