Dental Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening consists of a non-invasive treatment that improves the appearance of the teeth, lightening them and making them whiter.

A good teeth whitening must always be performed by dentists. The procedures used are more controlled, as well as the agents used that are usually more powerful than the typical whitening kits that are sold in pharmacies.

By putting yourself in the hands of a dental health professional, you will be guaranteeing the effectiveness of the results with a teeth whitening treatment that will also have no contraindications for the patient.


What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a technique with which we will be able to lighten the teeth, obtain a whiter smile with very long-lasting results.


Why are the teeth darkened?

It is common for teeth to darken over time and take on a more yellowish color. However, there are certain foods and drinks that accelerate this darkening of the tooth due to its high coloring power. This would be the case with tea, coffee, wine or foods such as curry and soy sauce.


Who is teeth whitening recommended for?

Teeth whitening can be done by anyone with darkening or yellowing of their teeth. The important thing is that you go to specialized dental clinics such as our dental clinic in Madrid for a professional to review the case and find the best solution for such treatment.


From what age can I undergo the treatment?

Before carrying out teeth whitening, the mouth must be checked to see that there are no other types of pathologies. In terms of ages, it is usually considered that whitening can be carried out after adolescence.

However, there may always be specific cases that require tooth whitening before that age, but that should be prescribed by a specialist so we always recommend that you call the dentist to discuss the case with him and that he assess whether it is appropriate or not to perform it in this kind of case, call dentista.


How is teeth whitening done?

Before starting to whiten the patient’s teeth, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the mouth and explain to the patient how teeth whitening works. Then, it will be necessary to establish the color that the teeth had in the beginning and the cause of their current appearance. In this way, the type of whitening to be performed and the results that are expected to be achieved can be determined.

The most important thing is that the treatment is carried out by professionals who are experts in this technique, in a center that offers you all the guarantees and confidence that the patient needs.

There are different types of teeth whitening and depending on which procedure is chosen it will be one or the other.


Are all teeth whitened? Which is better?

When you already know how a teeth whitening works, you can get an idea that when performing it, all the pieces are whitened, although it is always important to study each case.

As a general rule, teeth whitening is done on all teeth. However, if there were a piece much more yellowish than the rest, the treatment could focus on it a little more to match its color with that of the rest. In this way we achieve that the tone of all the teeth is uniform.


Care after teeth whitening

It is important to be careful 72 hours after the lamp treatment phase as the tooth is more permeable. That is why it is recommended to carry out a ” white diet ” that is to say, eat and drink products that do not pigment excessively or have strong colors. This is the case of tea, wine, chocolate, red fruits, coffee, soybeans, etc.

Once those 72 hours have passed, you no longer have to do special care after teeth whitening and you can lead a normal life.

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