Covid-19 Wife’s Children, Suspected of Being Infected by Father’s Clothes

From the results of laboratory tests, the husband is not infected with a negative alias Covid-19.

Crowded video pickup of a mother and her two children in the district of Cileungsi, Bogor Regency, West Java positive corona by the medical team. They must be isolated so as not to infect people around them.Suspected, the virus was infected by his father who worked at Wisma Atlet Emergency Hospital, Central Jakarta. Even so, from the results of laboratory tests, the husband is not infected with negative alias Covid-19. But his wife and two children aged four years and eight years were positively infected.

The beginning of the incident when his father returned from his workplace at Wisma Atlet Hospital on April 14, three hours later his son felt heat and his head hurt, the temperature was around 40 degrees Celsius,” Bogor Regent Ade Yasin told reporters on Sunday, April 26, 2020 yesterday.

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2 Positive Children

This family has three children. The first child (8) is eight years positive, the second child is negative, while the last child (4) is positive. He explained, on the morning of April 15, 2020, his two children were taken to the hospital.Then determined as a patient in surveillance (PDP). Then on April 18, 2020, her mother also complained of illness and decided to check the swab.”On April 20 the lab results from the National Police Hospital that the mother and her two children were positive were Covid-19,” said Ade Yasin.

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Can Covid-19 be transmitted through clothing?

Until now there has been no detailed research related to the transmission of Covid-19 through clothing. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), revealed the Corona virus is usually transmitted through respiratory drops (from infected people who sneeze or cough) rather than through objects and materials that can transfer viruses if contaminated.

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Depending on Environmental Conditions

However, the CDC also notes that the virus can remain alive for hours on surfaces made of various materials, including clothing. Meanwhile, researchers from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) in Montana have studied how long the Corona virus can survive on cardboard, plastic, and steel. However, do not have information about fabrics.

Covid-19 Wife's 2020
Covid-19 Wife’s 2020 Children, Suspected of Being Infected by Father’s Clothes

I suspect you can find virus viability for several hours to maybe a day on clothing. It really depends on environmental conditions – temperature and humidity that affect the growth of the virus, “said infectious disease expert Amesh A. Adalja, MD, senior scholar at Johns Hopkins Health Safety Center in Maryland, as quoted by Health.

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In general, Dr. Adalja said he did not believe that clothing acted as a “major spread” for the Corona virus. However it is important to immediately wash clothes worn after leaving the house.Some objects such as zippers, buttons and other clothing hardware can be made from these materials, and can therefore carry the virus home. For that, always keep clean.

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Sad! A Mother Without Symptoms of COVID-19 was unknowingly infecting 17 of her children

A mother has unconsciously transmitted the corona virus to 17 of her 18 children. The woman was not aware of her body carrying the corona virus because she did not show any general symptoms that are commonly seen in Covid-19 patients.Launch The Sun , poor mother’s name is Brittany Jencik from Penfield, New York. He has reportedly transmitted the corona virus to 17 of his children.Many of these children are suddenly infected. When the virus finally makes the mother’s condition worse, her children have started showing symptoms.

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Don’t Know How It Can Be Infected

Deadly corona virus is like a freight train that hits the Jencik family. He also did not know how to get infected with the corona virus, which eventually infected dozens of children.He is very worried about his fate and also his children who have been exposed to the deadly virus. In the United States, Covid-19 has infected hundreds of thousands of people and caused the death of more than 30,000 people.

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Improved Conditions

Jencik family finally showed a better condition after weeks of isolation. Jencik asked the help of his friend, who is Purify Global’s CEO named Matt Moreno, to clean his house.Moreno also brought a team of 12 people to disinfect Jencik’s house for two hours by wearing hazmat clothing as protection. While cleaning, Jencik’s family waits outside.

Corona virus indeed invaded blindly in the American territory. Governor Cuomo confirmed 630 new deaths related to the COVID-19 corona virus occurred overnight. This increased the number of deaths in New York to 12,822 COVID-19 cases.

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