Why IDI Calls COVID-19 Death Data Does Not Match Reality,

IDI said government data did not match the field because the death rate in hospitals was twice as large.

Government spokesman for Covid-19’s handling, Achmad Yurianto, said death data released to the public were the number of confirmed Covid-19 case patients. That is, patients who died have been set positive by the number on Sunday, 19 April 2020 as many as 582 people.”Obviously we did not enter into this number 582 patients died in positive unconfirmed status, because it could be that the patient is not Covid-19,” Yurianto said, quoted by. Statement was delivered by Yurianto in response to a statement from the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI).

Previously, IDI said government data did not match the field because the death rate in hospitals was twice as large.Yurianto also said the death rate announced to the public was the cumulative number of confirmed positive death cases of Covid-19. Even so if you die first and positive status of Covid-19 only appears some time later it will still be included in the data of the death of a positive patient infected with the corona virus.”So, not all patients die, we always state that it is positive with Covid-19, so it is added together. Because we only report positive confirmed deaths,” he said.

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IDI Statement

Previously, IDI’s Chief Executive Officer, Daeng M Faqih, believed that the data disclosed by the government was invalid.”Reports from the hospital also include patients who died while being treated with PDP status. The PDP status may not have had time to be swab checked, or has been examined but the results have not yet come out,” Faqih said.

He also explained that there were deficiencies in the Covid-19 test checking system because the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) method had not been carried out in all regions. Thus, PDP patients who have died have not had time to do a PCR test, even though it greatly affects the accuracy of data on the number of deaths due to Covid-19.

COVID-19 Death Data Does
Why IDI Calls COVID-19 Death Data Does Not Match Reality,

Need to expand and accelerate testing so that the data is quickly obtained,” explained Faqih.IDI Deputy Executive Board, Slamet Budiarto also said that the government was not right in describing the current situation.”If the PCR test results are 2 days, the results will be greater than now,” said Slamet.

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Starving because of Corona, One Family in Serang 2 Days Just Drinking Gallon Water

Corona pandemic hits people’s economy. Especially the lower middle class.People who work on a daily wage are deeply affected by the economic difficulties caused by the corona virus pandemic. Many residents began to struggle to support their families, even just for their daily meals.As experienced by Yuli, a resident of Kelurahan Lontar Baru, Serang District, Serang City, Banten. The husband, who works as a day laborer, has begun to find it difficult to fulfill his family’s daily needs.

Even since these two days, Yuli and her four children have been unable to eat. To keep his hunger, he and his family only drink refill gallons of water.”For the past two days we have only been drinking refill gallons of water. The children say they are hungry too, just drink the most water, “Yuli said, quoted from Sunday, April 19, 2020.

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Asked For Help

He claimed to have complained to the local Neighborhood Association to ask for food assistance. However, the government apparatus said there was no assistance.”I have already come to RT. He said that he could not get help,” he said.

To make a living, the husband is often looking for used goods, which can bring money to the house in the range of 25-25 thousand rupiahs”Not bad, sometimes one day can get Rp25-30 thousand. Buy one liter of rice for the six of us, and even save money,” he said.

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Previously Assisted Eldest Children

Before there was a corona virus, Yuli’s life was helped by the eldest child who had been working. At present, that hope is destroyed because his son is no longer working because it is home to the company.”My son used to work. Now it is laid off because his workplace is closed. Add, the last salary is not given,” he said.

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