Young Couple Love Loves Blowing Because of Coronavirus Outbreak

Starting from an empty toilet tissue stock.

Dream – Love blossomed with no seasons and conditions. It even happened when the corona outbreak broke out.A Japanese Twitter user shares the experience of a female roommate. At that time he wanted to buy toilet paper left in the health supply store.When the woman wants to pay the bill, she hears a man asking the store clerk about the remaining stock. The man was disappointed because the item he wanted to buy had run out.The woman then saw a disappointed man who ran out of stock of toilet paper. He then offered two rolls of toilet paper which he would pay for.

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Do not Know That Love Story Ends

In fact, the woman offered to help if her extended family needed help. But, in fact, this man lives alone.World of Buzz reported , it didn’t take long for them to exchange phone numbers. The man then sends a message to the woman’s Line application.”Thank you for weakening me. You really saved me. I want to show my gratitude. Would you like to have dinner with me?” said the man.The creator of the Tweet did not know whether the date will happen. He also did not know how the love story ended.

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Ministry of Health: There are 13 Suspect Corona Patients Outside Jakarta

Dream – Government spokesperson for handling corona virus, Covid-19, Achmad Yurianto, said, a total of 13 people were included in the Corona virus suspect group outside Jakarta.“There are 13,” Achmad said, Friday, March 6, 2020.He said, one suspect Corona was in Bandung. In addition, suspect Corona is also from the crew of the Diamond Princess.Meanwhile, two new cases were experienced by two people who underwent interactions with previous Corona positive patients.According to Achmad, from the findings of case 3 and case 4, the Ministry of Health examined all dance participants. Achmad said, a total of 80 people joined the dance.

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Seven people at the RSPI

Of these, there are seven people who have direct contact and have symptoms of moderate and mild flu. The seven people were admitted to the Sulianti Saroso Hospital for Infectious Diseases (RSPI) to undergo observation.The government will track those who interact with two patients who have just been tested positive for corona.“There will definitely be a sub-cluster,” he said.

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Positive Corona Patients in Indonesia, Up to 2 People

Dream – Government spokesman for the handling of the corona virus, Achmad Yurianto, said there were two Indonesian citizens who were positively corona. With this new case, the number of positive patients infected with the corona virus has become four.“We have two positive corona people, which we call case 3 and case 4,” Achmad said, Friday, March 6, 2020.Achmad said that these two positive corona people had direct contact with previous corona positive patients.Achmad said that the two corona positive people were obtained after the health team examined all the dance participants. he said.Achmad said that at present two positive patients from corona have coughs and colds.

However, these two case 3 and case 4 patients did not complain of shortness of breath.“The current condition is 37.6 degrees, 37.7 degrees. Then there are still complaints of cold cough, but there are no complaints of shortness of breath, so we hope the condition will improve,” he said.

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This Handling of Patients in Corona Surveillance at Friendship Hospital

Dream – Friendship Center General Hospital (RSUPP) confirms treating 10 referral patients since March 3, 2020.RSUPP lung doctor, Prasenohadi said there was no administration of any medicine to PDP. Until now there has been no specific drug for the corona virus.Not there. So the medicine is told to eat, rest. So why is it monitored for two weeks, because the incubation period is two weeks,” Praseno said, Wednesday, March 4, 2020.Prasenohadi said, during the corona negative patient supervision process, the hospital will move the patient’s room from the isolation room to the inpatient room.However, if the situation worsens, there needs to be further examination of the main source causing the patient’s condition to decline.” he said.

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Already Handle 119

Prasenohadi said that fever, cough, and runny nose were common symptoms of exposure to viruses or bacteria that attack breathing. So, Praseno added, it is natural that currently all public facilities have temperature measuring devices.”Because generally comes with cough, colds. Because the symptoms are common,” he said.RSUPP is one of the referral hospitals appointed by the government to handle the spread of the Corona virus, Covid-19. Noted, as many as 119 healthy people checked into RSUPP.”We have handled 119 people who came for check-ups from 3 to 4 March,” said Rita.Although not forbidding, Rita warned that the corona virus phenomenon is not good if it is responded to excessively. As a health check to make sure the Corona virus is present in the body.According to Rita, without any common symptoms such as fever for days, cough, or runny nose, people should not need to do a health check. The most important thing is to maintain a healthy and hygienic lifestyle.

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