Corona Virus Update April 4: 2,092 Positive, 150 Healed, 191 Dead

New cases of corona virus infection, Covid-19, in Indonesia continue to grow.

New corona virus infection cases, Covid-19, in Indonesia continue to grow. In the past 24 hours, 106 new cases have been found to be tested positive for Covid-19.”Today there are still additional cases, 106 cases, so that a total of 2,092 confirmed positive cases by molecular examination,” said a government spokesman for handling corona cases, Achmad Yurianto, in Jakarta, Saturday, April 4, 2020.He added, there were also additional patients who were declared cured of Covid-19.

There were 16 new patients who recovered and were declared negative Covid-19 after undergoing two examinations.”So that there are a total of 150 people recovered. The conditions are good, there is no need to worry about transmitting the disease anymore, we believe that 150 have recovered and have immunity, immunity,” Yurianto added.In addition to patients being cured, some also died. According to Yurianto, there were an additional ten patients who died. “So totl 191 died,” said Yurianto

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10 Ways To Avoid Being Infected With Corona Virus If There Is A Positive Family Covid-19

When many people in the world are infected with the corona virus, maybe among us feel worried if one family member is exposed to Covid-19.It is for this reason that in these difficult times it is important for everyone to learn the basics about protecting themselves and family members from being exposed to Covid-19.Maybe your family has been infected with the corona virus. Or you are a person who cannot distance yourself from people infected with corona. So knowledge about the corona virus is very important.

Social distancing is the most effective way of prevention. In addition to maintaining hand hygiene and sterilizing the surface of objects at home is very necessary at this time.Reported by Medical Daily , so as not to get infected with the corona virus, it needs to do an isolation zone. This step is important if a family member you live with has been diagnosed positive for Covid-19 and needs to be treated at home.

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Prepare a Separate Room for the Sufferer

So how do you keep others from getting infected by the corona virus? Here are 10 ways to avoid contracting the corona virus if a family member is infected:The first way is, you have to prepare a separate room for your family that is positive Covid-19. If space is limited, then you can keep a distance of at least 6 feet between the sick person and others in your house.

Corona Virus Update 2020
Corona Virus Update 2020 April 4: 2,092 Positive, 150 Healed, 191 Dead

Then, the second way is also better to use a separate bathroom. But if you don’t have another bathroom in your home, the sick family member must clean the bathroom after use.You also at least leave the bathroom open until 30 minutes after being used by the sufferer. Do not forget to always close the toilet in an effort to limit the virus particles in the toilet hole so it does not spread in the air.

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Houses Have Enough Ventilation

The third way is to ensure that your home is well ventilated. It’s better to have an air filter and air purifier. Because the humid air can cause the virus to live longer. Ideal air humidity rule is between 40-60 percent.Fourth, a sick family member must wear a mask and head protector if he is around other members. Don’t forget to always disinfect all surfaces that have been used by sick people.

The fifth way is, avoid using shared equipment, such as glasses, plates, towels, bedding, and other items.Sixth, if you have pets at home, don’t let your sick family members interact with pets. This is to prevent transmission of the virus from humans to animals.

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Clean the entire surface with a disinfectant

The seventh method, besides eating utensils, also clean with disinfecting all surfaces that are frequently touched, such as tables, door handles, bathroom equipment, tableware, telephone handles, keyboards. Clean the items every day.Then, when you want to clean things at home, use disposable gloves. Keep dirty items away from your body.After that, put used gloves, disposable masks, and other contaminated items in the bag before you throw them away.

And finally, make sure you continue to monitor the health of the sufferer. If there are more severe symptoms then contact your health care provider immediately.That’s 10 ways to keep you from contracting the corona virus when one of your family is infected. With efforts to prevent transmission, it is better to break the chain of spread of the corona virus.Don’t alienate your family who is infected with a virus. Keep supporting him so that he doesn’t despair to get through this together.

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