Corona Update May: Positive Patients , New South Sulawesi

Inspection process in South Sulawesi can now be done quickly without the need to go back to Makassar.

Achmad Yurianto reports the latest data on the handling of Covid-19 in Indonesia. The government spokesman for handling Covid-19 said that currently the examination of Covid-19 cases was carried out in two ways namely real time PCR and Molecular Rapid Test (TCM) using the TCM TB machine.Yurianto said there were 173,690 specimens that had been examined using these two methods. Specifically from the TCM examination, there were 719 specimens examined.”The results we get today, the positive confirmation we get 568 people so that the total becomes 16,006 people,” said Yurianto.

Healed cases, he said, increased by 231 people to 3,518 people. While the death rate increased by 15 patients to 1,043.Accumulation of People Under Monitoring (ODP) is currently 258,639 people. Most of the cases stated were monitored in each province.”It’s not in the ODP status, but this is an accumulative number,” he said.While the accumulation of Patients Under Supervision (PDP) is currently as many as 33,672 people.”Some of these PDP have been completed because they have been confirmed positive so they are included in a positive case and confirmed as negative then they will not be included in the PDP case again,” explained Yurianto.

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Sulsel Has Not Had A New Case Since Yesterday

Furthermore, Yurianto mentioned the sharp increase in cases that occurred in the regions. In particular, areas with sufficiently large inspection gaps will experience an increase in cases quickly.He gave an example of South Sulawesi Province which yesterday recorded an increase in daily cases high enough to reach 91 people. This happens because the examination of the specimen can be done on site using a TCM machine so that it does not need to be sent to Makassar.”Now it can be checked by itself so now there are no additions because everything was checked yesterday,” he said.

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Corona Update
Corona Update May: Positive Patients , New South Sulawesi

Corona Update May 13, 2020: Positive Cases Soaring, Translucent 15,438 People

Latest data on Covid-19 handling shows a pretty high surge. As of today, Wednesday, May 13, 2020, positive cases have exceeded 15 thousand.Government spokesman for the handling of Covid-19, Achmad Yurianto, said that his party continued to increase its audit capacity using both real time PCR and Molecular Rapid Tests.In fact, the examination was also carried out using a PCR viral load machine that was used for testing HIV / AIDS.

“Yesterday we saw the data, in DKI for HIV PCR viral load was able to carry out 2,592 tests in two hospitals. DIY we added 480 tests, in Java Tiur 768 tests, NTT in Kupang City we added 480 tests, in Papua we added 1,440 tests, “Yurianto said.The number of specimens examined was 169,195 specimens from 123,572 people. This amount is obtained from examinations using both real time PCR and TCM.”From this condition, we get a total positive case of 15,438 today, then a negative number of 108,134,” he said.

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The details

Yurianto then detailed the addition of corona case data in the last 24 hours.

According to him, since Tuesday, May 12 until today at 12.00 WIB, an increase in positive cases has been confirmed with a significant number reaching 689 people so that the accumulation has become 15,438 people.”The number of cases recovered increased by 224 people so that a total of 3,287 people. Cases of death increased by 21 people bringing the total to 1,028 people,” said Yurianto.

While the number of Monitoring Persons (ODP) since March to present has reached 256,299 people, with the majority already declared healthy. While the number of Patients Under Supervision (PDP) reached 33,042 patients.”These are the data we have gotten that we still believe cases of transmission in the community are still happening,” explained Yurianto.

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BNPB Reminds not to Panic the Corona Positive Case Up Next Week

Acting Deputy 2 of the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) Dody Ruswandi asked the public not to be shocked or panicked if the positive cases of corona virus infection rose significantly next week. According to him, this could occur due to an increase in specimen testing capacity.”Actually, in this area, we hope that the positive results will indeed be targeted to rise. Why? Because indeed yesterday we were supposed to be targeted at 10,000 tests per day by the President,” Dody said,

Dody explained the increase in the number of positive cases of corona was done so that the pandemic could be resolved immediately. Diaa also predicted there would be an increase in cases of up to 40 thousand cases of Covid-19.”So that later maybe don’t be surprised, ladies and gentlemen, that next week it will tend to increase a lot. Technically, it has to be so, because so we can speed up things like that.

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