Corona Patient Data in Wuhan Revised, Death Rate Rises To 50%!

Data was obtained from a number of related agencies.

Wuhan City Government, Hubei Province, China, evaluates death data from corona virus. The results are surprising, the data has increased dramatically to 50 percent.The initial mortality rate was reported at 2,579. Then it was revised to 3,869 people and there were an additional 1,290 deaths.The number of positive cases also experienced an increase of 325 people. Thus, the total positive cases confirmed in Wuhan to 50,333 patients based on the Wuhan Pandemic Prevention and Control Center data.

The Star page reports changes in this data occurred after a thorough inspection and verification from various relevant departments. Such as burial officers, medical institutions, public security authorities and communities in Wuhan City.At the beginning of this outbreak, the number of positive cases in Covid-19 continued to surge. The rapid deployment overwhelmed the health system in Wuhan. This is the background of the inaccurate data recording.Now the corona virus has spread and its status is under control.

Area quarantine or lockdown has also been revoked so evaluation of the data is very possible to find accuracy.At the end of March, Wuhan authorities formed a special team to examine data taken from various sources. The aim is to ensure that every citizen who is positive and dies is well recorded.

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Patient Last Recovered, Corona Special Hospital in Wuhan Officially Closed

An emergency hospital built in Wuhan City, China to treat corona positive patients officially closed on Wednesday, April 14, 2020. This closure follows the last positive patient of Covid-19 who was treated at the emergency hospital has been declared curedWuhan Leishenshan Hospital, was built within 10 days to treat co-19 patients. His last patient was transferred to a normal hospital last Tuesday.

Although no longer used, the hospital which was built on January 25, 2020 will not be demolished. The health facility will remain on alert to anticipate if there is a new case of Covid-19.The retirement of this hospital was an important development in the battle in Wuhan against the epidemic.National Health Commission official, Jiao Yahui, said Covid-19 treatment in Wuhan City had “returned to normal”, quoted by the Straits Times.

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Still Alerted

At the hospital’s closing ceremony, doctors and nurses waved flags and wrote their names on the clothes of their coworkers. This is for memories of the moments of war a few months ago.Authorities said the Leishenshan Hospital would not be demolished immediately after closing. But it will be left for a while.

Leishenshan Hospital is the second hospital for Covid-19 treatment in Wuhan City after Huoshenshan Hospital. The hospital was also built relatively quickly, requiring only 12 days located on the edge of Lake Zhiyin, Caidian with a capacity of up to 1,000 patients.

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Atmosphere of the First Day of Wuhan Detached from Corona Virus Lockdown

Tens of thousands of people are preparing to leave Wuhan City by train on Wednesday, April 8, 2020. On that day, the main transportation route was opened, as the city reopened.The city with a population of 11 million was previously closed on January 23 due to a corona virus outbreak that emerged since late 2019. The virus is spreading so quickly.

Most of the 82 thousand people confirmed to have been infected with the corona virus. While there were 3,331 deaths occurred in Wuhan.It is estimated that 55,000 people will leave Wuhan by train on Wednesday. Around 21,000 departed through Hankou which was the starting point for infection.

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Corona Patient Data 2020
Corona Patient Data 2020 in Wuhan Revised, Death Rate Rises To 50%!

Gathered Waiting for the First TrainThey were given a gift package by the station management that read ‘Hankou Station Welcomes You’.

Most passengers still wear masks and some still wear all-white body armor (PPE) which has become a familiar sight in Wuhan for the past two months.”I feel very happy, finally able to go again. This feels quite long,” said the man named Zheng, quoted by the Straits Times.This is because the train schedule is too early and there is no public transportation.

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First train from Wuhan

At 6:25 am, a train exits Hankou Station heading west and carries about 60 passengers. Along with the train, the main road and Tianhe International Airport have been reopened. Taxis have been allowed to operate again.Public transportation has been operating for some time. However, passengers must already have a “green” health code as evidenced by the cellular program as proof of health to be able to travel.The airport is filled with various activities. The first flight is at 7:25 am to Sanya Hainan with 49 people on board.

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