Corona Emergency, Community Requested to Postpone Marriage Covenant

Implementation of the marriage contract is only served for brides who have registered before April 1, 2020

Directorate General of Islamic Community Guidance of the Ministry of Religion issues a new circular related to the Islamic community guidance service protocol during the Covid-19 pandemic. The circular addressed to the Head of the Provincial Office of the Ministry of Religion and the head of government, among others, regulates public services in the KUA.The Director General of Islamic Community Guidance, Kamaruddin Amin, hopes that the community can postpone or reschedule the planned implementation of their marriage contract during the Covid-19 emergency.

We have issued a new circular as of April 2, 2020. Requests for the implementation of the marriage contract during the Covid-19 emergency period for new registrations are not served. We ask the public to postpone the implementation,” Kamaruddin Amin said in Jakarta, Friday, April 3, 2020.Nevertheless, Kamaruddin Amin ensured the registration of marriage registration services remained open. However, the registration mechanism is not face to face at KUA, but online through the page .

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Only Serves Registration Before April 1

However, the implementation of the contract is not in the emergency period of Covid-19 which will continue to be updated in its development.During the Covid-19 emergency, Kamaruddin said, the implementation of the marriage contract was only served by the bride and groom who had registered before April 1, 2020.

The marriage contract service would only be held at the KUA. Services outside KUA will be removed.This rule was made in a state of health emergencies because of the Covid-19 epidemic. I hope the public can understand and adjust it,” he said.development of Regional Government policies in preventing the spread of Covid-19 in its region,” he said.

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This Marriage Contract is Only Attended by 11 People, Simple but Heartwarming

Every future king and queen would want a wedding ceremony to run smoothly and perfectly.Some bride and groom couples are even willing to spend large funds just for the sake of holding a lavish wedding reception.

But this is not the case with the stories in several photos that were shared by Twitter account photographers Wedding Frame Photovisuals.The marriage contract photo that he shared looks very far from luxurious. The marriage contract is held simply but elegantly.In fact, so simple, the marriage contract held at the mosque was only attended by 11 people.

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Corona Emergency 2020
Corona Emergency, [2020]Community Requested to Postpone Marriage Covenant

Center of attention of netizens was the car that the bride rode when she arrived at the Bukit Antarabangsa Mosque, Selangor, Malaysia.

The bride and groom ride a car for local that has not been produced in Malaysia since it was first launched in 2001.The post also mentioned that the marriage contract was only attended by close people and families.A simple and elegant wedding. (Photo: Twitter @bingkaiphotos)

A simple and beautiful event with the presence of the closest people and relatives. Simple is elegant. Love is easy,” wrote @bingkaiphotos.In the next article, the account mentioned that the event was only attended by 11 people. Although there were few who attended, the mosque was full.A simple and elegant wedding. (Photo: Twitter @bingkaiphotos)”This event was only attended by 11 relatives. But love is very extraordinary, the mosque feels like full,” added Photovisuals Frame.

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Heartwarming Wedding Photo, Bring Photos of the Deceased

A heartwarming wedding photo went viral on Malaysian social media. In the photo a man in his 50s holds a photo of his late wife while posing at her daughter’s wedding.The photo was uploaded to Facebook by wedding photographer Mohd Hafizan Ilias last Saturday.Since then the photo has become a sensation in cyberspace. As many as 41 thousand expressed likes and distributed to more than 15 thousand netizens.

Hafizan, who worked as a freelance photographer for almost 4 years, said he had never captured an object that was so touching.He felt grateful to be able to grasp the definition of true love that is truly eternal.”I never thought the wedding photos would become viral. But I’m happy because their stories can be spread to other people and become a lesson,” he said.Hafizan said the photo was taken on Friday, January 27 during the Kabul consent event.When it was time for a family photo, the man in the photo called ‘Pakcik Omar’ by Hafizan, suddenly took out his wife’s photo.

According to Hafizan, Pakcik Omar’s wife had died four years ago.”He took out his wife’s photo so that he could have a complete family photo. It was really touching when he saw it. His love for his wife was so strong,” said Hafizan.”A photo is worth a thousand words. What I learned from Pakcik Omar is how to love sincerely, and appreciate someone’s love,” he added.

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