Concerned, This Is One Reasons Corona Covid-19 Virus Is Still Spreading in Indonesia

And if anyone can do it can help reduce the spread of corona virus, Covid-19

Government Spokesperson for Covid-19 Handling and Response, Achmad Yurianto reminded the importance of washing hands with soap to prevent transmission of the corona virus.The appeal was made in view of the continued spread of the corona covid-19 virus in the community as evidenced by the increase in new cases to this day, Saturday, March 28, 2020 at 12.00 WIB.

It is known, the number of positive new co-19 cases in Indonesia increased by 109 people, bringing the total to 1,155 cases. While reported cases of death rose to 102 people and patients declared cured and may go home increased to 59 people.”We are still concerned about this condition … (This shows) that the habit of washing hands with soap has not yet been maximized,” Yuri said in a press release from Indonesia’s co-19 update in Jakarta.

According to Yuri, the data showed that the most transmission occurred through the intermediary of the hand. Seeing this, the habit of washing hands with soap should be considered by the community as important as prevention efforts through the method of keeping distance or (social distancing).Washing hands with soap should start before eating, drinking, touching your mouth, nose and eyes.

Concerned, This Is One Reasons Corona Covid-19 Virus Is Still Spreading in Indonesia

Yuri stated that hand washing activities do not always have to use a hand sanitizer. People can do a simple way by washing hands with soap in running water.In addition to an appeal to always wash hands with soap, Yuri also continued to remind the public to implement the main distance keeping method by staying at home.No less important is that every community must realize the importance of mutual protection.”Protect the sick so that they can carry out the maximum isolation period, protect the healthy ones to protect them from this disease,” he said.

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US Finds Corona Virus Rapid Detection Tool, It Only Takes a 5 Minute Test!

Pharmaceutical companies, Abbot Laboratories, claim to have a device that is claimed to detect a person infected with the Covid-19 corona virus in just 5 minutes.This detector is also claimed to be more practical because it is small and can be carried everywhere (portable).Abbot Diagnostics Vice President of Research and Development, John Frel was quoted as saying on the Bloomberg website, saying the company would supply 50 thousand test kits in a day starting April 1.

Molecular tests carried out by this tool will look for coronavirus genome fragments, which can be detected in only five minutes when the virus is at a severe level.While a thorough search to find out the presence or absence of infection is estimated to only take up to 13 minutes.As is known, the United States (US) has now become the center of the Covid-19 corona virus pandemic in the world with cases reaching more than 100,000 people. The US has struggled to provide enough tests to detect the corona virus that began to plague in New York, California, Washington and other areas.

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How Corona Detectors Work

The technology from Abbot was built at ID Now Abbott, based in Illinois, the best known testing location in the US, with more than 18 thousand units spread across the country.This tool is widely used to detect influenza, laryngitis and respiratory syncytial virus, as well as germs that can cause symptoms such as colds.The test begins by taking a swab from the nose or back of the throat, then mixing it with a chemical solution that breaks the virus and releases RNA.

This mixture was entered into the ID Now system, a small box weighing just under 7 pounds that has the technology to identify and strengthen the select sequence of the coronavirus genome and ignore contamination from other viruses.Equipment can be installed almost anywhere. But the company ensures that this tool will be prioritized for the areas that need it most.They targeted hospital emergency rooms, emergency clinics, and doctors’ offices.

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This is the only place that hasn’t been affected by Corona Covid-19

At present, almost all countries in the world are facing a corona virus pandemic, Covid-19. A number of countries, such as Italy and India, even did a lockdown or closed their territory.However, there is one area on Earth that remains safe and has no corona virus case at all. The region is Antarctica.Antarctica is the coldest continent in the world, with almost 99% of its territory covered in ice and located south of the Earth, or the south pole. The thickness of the ice there reaches one kilometer.

“Today, Antarctica is the safest region of the corona outbreak,” said Alberto Della Rovere, expedition leader to Antarctica.4 of 7 pages,Antarctica Does Not Have Indigenous Peoples The Antarctic region has no indigenous people. In an Arctic circle, there are tens of thousands of families living there for research purposes. The region is also home to thousands of flora and fauna.

Antarctica is a continent without a state and without a government. However, some countries claim to have sovereignty in several regions or parts of Antarctica.Based on this claim, finally the Antarctic Treaty System was formed , in which 49 countries had signed an agreement and had the right to use the area only for scientific research purposes.

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Concerned 2020
Concerned 2020, This Is One Reasons Corona Covid-19 Virus Is Still Spreading in Indonesia

Does Not Mean No Risk

People who are placed in Antarctica may not be infected with the virus. But it will be a big risk if someone is infected in Antarctica.In fact, most research bases in Antarctica can handle one serious respiratory infection case. However, if the corona virus spreads, they will be more difficult.”No continent is immune, and is guaranteed to be free from the corona virus, including Antarctica,” said Jeff Ayton, chief medical officer in the Australian Antarctic Division.

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Not a Good Quarantine Place

At present there are 28 countries that have research stations in Antarctica. The largest is McMurdo Station, a US research base on the edge of the Ross Ice Rack. The research station can be inhabited by more than 1,000 people.Most researchers will stay for one or two seasons to conduct or support scientific research in Antarctica. During the summer in Antarctica (October – February), many researchers conduct research there.

In winter, when temperatures drop, many research stations close. As a result, travel in and out becomes very difficult, so that the risk of someone carrying a virus is lower.Most research stations have at least one doctor during the winter. When the corona virus spreads throughout the world, researchers at Antarctica are increasing the use of hand sanitizers to prevent their spread.At present, the priority for medical personnel is to ensure that no first corona cases occur in the Antarctic region.

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Far from Help

Medics in Antarctica are worried that the corona virus is spreading. The distance traveled will complicate the process of healing and isolation.    `When there are arrivals from countries with high Corona distribution rates (such as the United States, France, Italy etc.), isolation procedures will be carried out more stringently. This was done to prevent the spread of the Corona virus in Antarctica.

prevent the spread of the Corona virus in Antarctica.

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