Commotion of Viral Photos of Strange Animals in Pekanbaru, Here Are the Facts

Are the animals in the photo real?

Circulating photos and videos on the Whatsapp application about strange animals that appear in Pekanbaru, Riau. This news began to spread quickly in the messaging application since Friday, April 17, 2020.In the photos circulating it seems that these strange creatures have two hands and two legs. And the membrane that surrounds his body.

There is a narrative that explains the animal. Here’s the narration:”Strange animals have appeared in Pakanbaru for two days. Their bodies are like bats but swimming in water. * Does anyone understand, can you explain?”

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Fact Finding

Check Facts searches news about strange animals that have appeared in Pekanbaru. The search is done by uploading photos of these strange animals to the Google Image search site.The results found in the form of several sites that upload photos of these animals. One of them is Nature’S Beauty’s Facebook account on June 15, 2017.

The Facebook account uploaded a photo with a narration that said,”This is a bird, this is a plane .this is not both. This is a culogo, a mammal that hangs without a care of the surroundings,” wrote the account.

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Absurd Creations

Found an article describing the animal entitled “Absurd Creature of the Week: The Adorably Creepy Gliding Mammal That’s Basically Just a Big Flap of Skin” which aired on wired. on November 21, 2014 ago.In the article, explained the animal named Culgo. Culgo can be found in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia.

Commotion of Viral Photos 2020
Commotion of Viral Photos 2020 of Strange Animals in Pekanbaru, Here Are the Facts

This animal also has wings that cover its entire body. At first glance, Culgo’s wings really look like bats with bodies like squirrels.Culgo lives in the forest by jumping from one tree to another. The range is quite far.

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Strange animal

Subsequent searches were carried out by entering the keyword “strange animals swimming” into the YouTube search site. As a result, there are several accounts that upload videos of strange animals swimming.One of them was a YouTube Channel Birth account 88 that uploaded a video titled “Looks like a Bat, But Strangely These Animals Can Swim”.

In the video  found a comment from one of the citizens who revealed the type of animal in question. These animals are Colugo and Sea Hare. then entered the keyword “Sea Hare” into the YouTube video sharing site. The result is a number of sea hare animal videos, one of which is a video titled “Sea Hares Swimming” uploaded by the YouTube account of GAP TV on April 15, 2020.The site reports that sea hare can be found in shallow water and in rock pools on low beaches. They usually eat seaweed.

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The animal found in Pekanbaru was not right. The photo claimed to be a strange animal turns out to be Culgo or flying lemurs and can be found in the Southeast Asian region.Meanwhile, a video-related search about ‘bat-like animals that can swim’ leads to another animal, Sea Hare.

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