China leads the “People’s War” against the Coronavirus

China leads the “People’s War” against the Corona virus

In Wuhan, a city known as the center of the Novel Corona virus in China, no new certified patient has been exposed for two consecutive days, giving the world a renewed vigor and hope for victory in the global war against epidemic Cov-19. Nobody thought that China would stop the “rising flood” of such a rapid outbreak on its dynamic high leadership, system leadership, public power, availability of human and technological resources and national solidarity. ۔ When Chinese President Shi Jinping visited Wuhan on March 10, he was “a symbol” of China’s successful defense in the ongoing war against the Corona virus.

In contrast, the number of patients infected with the Novel Corona virus in the other world is increasing rapidly. Interestingly, developed societies such as European countries, including the United States, are expected to provide public health protection and treatment. The availability of all the latest state-of-the-art facilities is a common phenomenon, with infected patients and mortality increases plaguing the world. The number of infected patients has exceeded 100,000 in more than forty European countries. In Italy alone, the number of infected patients has increased to more than forty thousand and the death toll from thirty-four.

The situation in Iran is very seriousm

Speaking of the Middle East, the situation in Iran is very serious. The number of affected patients has risen to more than eighteen thousand and the death toll is over. Thousands more certified patients in the country, despite all the resources in the country. The death toll has reached 200. Coronary virus patients are also coming to other Asian countries, including Pakistan, and the Corona virus has spread its wings in all the populated areas of the world at present. Has also been made to provide medical equipment, including the delivery of medical treatment treatments The same steps.

How can to world learn from China’s success

How can the world learn from China’s successful experiences in dealing with the global epidemic in this situation is an important question because other global organizations, including the WHO, also have a successful China model that requires timely action in light of this? ۔

China leads Coronavirus
China leads the “People’s War” against the Coronavirus 2020

Not too long ago, when the Corona virus prevention and control of the world, especially the Western countries, turned to China, criticizing China’s actions as inadequate, the city’s downtown Wuhan was called “human rights.” “Violations were made, anti-China statements came to a halt and instead of apparent solidarity, China’s efforts were foiled. But when it was declared a universal pandemic due to the spread of the Corona virus worldwide, At that time, the world called China’s model historical and unique.

The situation is world is that the “lockdown” of cities is the top priority

At present, the situation in the world is that the “lockdown” of cities is the top priority of different countries. China’s “approach” in Wuhan and Hubei has become a model for the entire European Union. If you look at the facts, others Along with the factors, “social distance” can be the key to preventing further spread of the virus at this stage. When a delegation of WHO specialists visited China in February, they in their final report called China’s anti-pandemic measures “bold, outrageous and aggressive, which prevented the spread of the virus.” At that time, China’s actions were not given much importance by Western countries, and no necessary preparations could be made, the result of which is coming to light today.

Why is The tragedy of human history could have arisen.

China did a temporary lockdown on Hubei province, but made all the resources needed to counter the epidemic. Medical staff from all over the country were sent to Hubei and Wuhan, temporary hospitals were built within days, which led to other provinces. The virus path is strongly blocked here. Most importantly, the Novel Corona virus came at a time when millions of people were flowing during the Spring Festival in China, at a time when the Chinese government did not take timely action. If raised, perhaps the tragedy of human history could have arisen.

Here, of course, the Chinese people have to give a damn too because the solidarity, obedience, wisdom and sacrifice they have demonstrated is a historically rare example. At that time, China, Pakistan, European, African and all other countries. Is playing a responsible role in a large country by sharing its successful experiences with and providing assistance. All countries of the world can win the war against the Corona virus with the power and richness of their people, just as China today defeated the Corona virus on the heels of its people and this major and difficult test is over. Is.

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