Cars Can Only Be Parked Due To Lockdown, 4 Thief Tires Drifted

Not a stolen car, but enough tires.

If you don’t have a parking space and have to park your car on the curb, you should be more careful. It could be, your car is an easy target for thieves.During the corona pandemic, apparently the crime did not disappear. There are even people who take advantage of the situation.As happened in Malaysia during the lockdown period. A woman lost four tires installed in her car which was parked on the road in front of the house.

Reporting from The Star, the theft occurred in Penang, Malaysia, on April 28, 2020. At that time the car owners were not paying attention to their outer gates.According to witnesses, the owners of the Perodua Myvi and Perodua Alza cars only realized that four of their wheels had been stolen when they woke up.

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Recorded CCTV, Tapi

Local police official, Asst Comm Noorzainy Mohd Noor, the owner of both cars does have CCTV in his house. The CCTV is facing directly towards their car.Thieves’ movements were caught on CCTV. Unfortunately, the face of the thief is not seen clearly in the video.Until now, the local police are still looking for the mastermind behind the theft of this car tire.

In addition Mohd also said, if there are parties who are caught, will be held accountable for the actions they have taken.For Sahabat Dream who has a car without a parking lot, maybe this is the right time to make a parking space to avoid inconvenient events like this.

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Prohibited from Entering the Store Because of Not Wearing a Mask, Buyers Invite Staff to Crowd

Malaysian government has clearly issued a Movement Control Order (MCO) policy, similar to the Large Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) in Indonesia, as an effort to break the chain of distribution of covid-19.In Malaysia itself, the use of masks when leaving the house is not required, except if you are sick.

However, regulations required to use masks imposed by shop owners for workers and visitors may be done.Some time ago, a Facebook account for The WE are Malaysians uploaded CCTV footage of a man in Johor who harassed and abused a shop worker.

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Parked Due To Lockdown,
Cars Can Only Be Parked Due To Lockdown, 4 Thief Tires Drifted

Fighting fist

Incident was known because the shopkeeper banned the man from entering the shop because he was not wearing a mask. According to information from The WE are Malaysians Facebook account, in front of the store a sign reads,“Workers and customers, not wearing masks, cannot enter the store.”

In the video, the man who was refused entry by the worker was about to force the shop gate and punch the worker.The man was captured by a CCTV camera trying to hit before finally being interrupted by another shop worker.

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Cough 14 Years Not Healed, After Checked There Is Chicken Bone Caught in the Lungs

A woman from China did not expect that her severe coughing disease had been caused by chicken bones stuck in her lungs.After 14 years of suffering from a cough that did not heal, the 22-year-old unnamed woman finally gave up. He decided to see a doctor.

That’s when the cause of the cough that has been bothering him for a dozen years can be known. Apparently there is a piece of chicken bone in his lungs.

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Medical treatment everywhere but the results are zero

Problem started when she suffered a severe cough when she was seven or eight years old.Although he had gone to various hospitals, no doctor knew the cause of his illness.The woman kept trying to find the cause of the cough. In the process, he even experienced a number of misdiagnoses.Unfortunately, after years of using antibiotics to treat his illness, his condition has not improved at all.

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