Brad James Net Worth in 2021: How Rich Is The Actor Actually?

Brad James is an American actor and businessman best known for appearing on a sitcom called, Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse where he played an actor named Todd. As of 2021, Brad James has an estimated value of $ 4 Million.

Full Name Brad James
Birth Date July 7, 1981
Birth Place Augusta, Georgia
Profession Actor and Entrepreneur
Relationship Status Married
Net Worth $4 million

Early Life

Brad James was raised in a normal way. His mother was African-American while his father was White so he grew up with two cultures. As he grew older, he was confused about what to do next. As a result, James did some research and discovered the typical pattern of a few successful individuals who had served in the U.S. Marine.

This was a source of inspiration to him to be part of the U.S. Marine. He enrolled there and served for a total of four years. He learned several skills there including line training but during his career, he also suffered an ankle injury that did not cool down and has slightly disrupted his acting career.

Brad James Net Worth and Career

After returning to the U.S. Marines, James also got into trouble about what to do with his life. He checked out the sale but later ended up imitating. This happened automatically when he met the woman who stopped him and asked to join the interview.

Surprisingly, the woman did not get the role but James managed to get the role. This would have changed his life as he has appeared in many films over the years including Champion Road where he appears in the role of Jonathan Merser.

He is the recipient of the Georgia “Best Actor” award. Since then, he has appeared in a series of Champion Road series called Arena and other roles in 4 Minutes. His growing popularity has led him to become part of the sales of several top brands including Walmart and Blackberry.

In addition, James has been part of several television series including the episodes of Let Stay Together and One Tree Hill. In addition, she has been a part of Teen Wolf and Single Ladies. James has played a major role for a long time with Osiris where he plays a main character named Osiris himself.

Over the years, however, Brad James has focused more on business than on imitation. He found the market in the entertainment industry which he understood very well because of the many works he did as an actor. He saw this as the best change he could make in his life.

The name of his company is James and Burke, Inc. which focuses on training and coaching emerging players as well as assisting them in the process of finding projects to work on. In addition, he has a few studios with a strong focus on Black Entertainers in the Atlanta area.

Brad James believes that Atlanta is growing to become a major destination for black artists and says that not only artists but also actors get opportunities in this area.

Personal Life

Brad James is known for his good looks and has had an actress named Jasmine Burke. After their separation, however, James began dating a woman named Keisha Knight Pulliam. The two are engaged in 2020 and recently announced their marriage in September 2021.

Brad James Net Worth

As of 2021, Brad James has an estimated value of $ 4 Million. He got a big chunk of that money playing Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse.

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