Ashes of Love Season 2 Release Date, Storyline, Cast, Plot, and More

Updated: July 14, 2023


search Cinders of Affection Season 2 is coming or not? These days, Chinese dramatizations spread their appeal globally in the hearts of numerous watchers, similar to look through Cinders of Adoration. In light of the clever Weighty Pleasantness, Debris like Ice by Dian Xian, the main time of Remains of Adoration premiers on August 2, 2018.

Individuals overall have found the plot of Cinders of Affection drawing in, loaded up with energetic sentiment and each angle that one might track down in their optimal dramatizations. The story spins around an interminable pixie, Jinmi, and her everlasting circle of drama between two siblings. The primary season has been snaring to the point that the fans are not over the show yet.

At last, the opportunity has arrived when everybody will get every one of the most recent reports with respect to look through Cinders of Affection season 2 following four years. So is search Remains of Affection restored briefly season or not? What is the delivery date of Remains of Adoration season 2? Continue to peruse in the event that you are excited to realize every one of the responses in regards to the forthcoming time of Cinders of Affection.

Ashes of Love Season 2 Release Date

Coordinated by Zhu Ruibin, one of the most well known Chinese TV show series, Cinders of Adoration, was delivered on August 2, 2018, and remembered for September 4, 2018, containing 63 super-awesome episodes. Starting from the primary time of Remains of Affection finished, steadfast fans are anxiously contemplating whether the show will be reestablished.

Ashes of Love Season 2 Release Date

In spite of having such a huge viewership and quite possibly of the greatest rating on all sites, Cinders of Affection has not been restored at this point for the subsequent season. The delivery date of Cinders of Adoration season 2 is questionable as the reestablishment is forthcoming. Be that as it may, the show’s makers will probably carve out opportunity to choose whether to recharge to show briefly screech following its enormous being a fan.

In the case of everything moves likewise, we might see a recharging of Remains of Affection season 2 toward the start of 2024. So what will be the storyline and featuring the cast of Cinders of Affection season 2? We have done every one of the hypotheses so you can peruse while sitting tight for the authority restoration of the subsequent season.

Ashes of Love Season 2 Storyline

The storyline of Remains of Adoration is brimming with energetic love, double-crossing, vengeance, and show. The scene opens with Zifen, the Bloom Divinity, who can predict the future, having a child shower, and sees her little girl’s future, experiencing a circle of drama inside the initial 10,000 years of her undying life. Subsequently she gives Jinmi, her little girl, a pellet that will keep her far off from encountering enthusiastic love.

Life was going ordinary and well in Bloom Domain until Xufeng from Fire Domain entered Jinmi’s life. She then, at that point, sought after him to take her to Superb Domain, and there she met his stepbrother, Runyu, the Night God. Things get muddled as the two siblings fall head over heels for Jinmi. The competition starts between the sibling. Jinmi, who out of nowhere figures out her starting point of abilities, is deceived by Runyu and murders Xufeng.

Ashes of Love Season 2 Storyline

Xufeng was renewed as Evil presence Ruler to get back at Runyu. In this hurly Beefy circumstance, Jinmo attempts to stop the tumult and penances herself. Xufeng begins his excursion to track down his darling Jinmi, lastly, Jinmi resurrects following 500 years. Will they be cheerfully ever later?

The finale of Remains of Adoration is endearing to such an extent that fans experience some aww minutes. No plot is passed on to convey forward in the following season. The storyline of Cinders of Affection season 2 isn’t in that frame of mind, as the subsequent season has not met the restoration. Subsequently, any forecast in regards to the impending time of Cinders of Affection will be good for nothing. On the off chance that later on, the show meets a recharging, we will keep you refreshed with our next article.

Ashes of Love Season 2 Cast

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there has been no official announcement or confirmation regarding the production of a second season for the Chinese fantasy drama series “Ashes of Love.” “Ashes of Love” (Chinese: 香蜜沉沉烬如霜) is a popular 2018 television series adapted from the novel of the same name by Dian Xian. The show follows the romantic journey of a fairy named Jinmi and her encounters with different gods and mortals.

Ashes of Love Season 2 Cast

Should a second season of “Ashes of Love” be confirmed and released in the future, it is likely that the primary cast from the first season would reprise their roles. The original cast of the first season included Yang Zi as Jinmi, Deng Lun as Xu Feng, Luo Yunxi as Runyu, and Wang Yifei as Sui He, among others. These actors brought the characters to life with their stellar performances, and their return would be highly anticipated by fans.

However, it’s important to note that television productions can undergo changes in cast and storyline, and official announcements should be sought for the most accurate and up-to-date information about the potential second season of “Ashes of Love.”

Ashes of Love Season 2 Trailer

Not yet! The new trailer for Cinders of Affection season 2 has not been delivered at this point. For the time being, expecting any trailer for Cinders of Adoration season 2 is too soon as the restoration of the subsequent season is under-wrapped. Nonetheless, the restrictive trailer for Cinders of Adoration Season 1 is accessible on YouTube for nothing.

Where to Watch Ashes of Love Season 2 Online?

Each of the 63 breathtaking episodes of Cinders of Affection season 1 are spilling on Netflix, Apple Tv+, and Rakuten Viki online for a watch. Despite the fact that there is no affirmation with respect to the web based streaming foundation of Remains of Affection season 2, we can anticipate that the new season should debut on Rakuten Viki.


Is there going to be a second season of “Ashes of Love”?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there has been no official confirmation or announcement regarding the production of a second season of “Ashes of Love.”

Who will be in the cast of “Ashes of Love” Season 2?

Since a second season has not been confirmed, there is no information available about the cast for a potential Season 2. If a second season were to be produced, it is possible that the original cast members would reprise their roles, but this cannot be confirmed at this time.

When will “Ashes of Love” Season 2 be released?

As there is no official confirmation of a second season, there is no release date available. If a second season is announced, the release date would be determined by the production schedule and other factors.

Will the storyline continue from the first season in “Ashes of Love” Season 2?

Without official confirmation, it is unclear how the storyline would progress in a potential second season. It would depend on the creative direction and choices made by the production team. Any speculation about the continuation of the story would be purely conjecture at this point.

Where can I find updates about “Ashes of Love” Season 2?

To stay informed about any official announcements or updates regarding “Ashes of Love” Season 2, it is best to follow the official social media accounts of the show or production company. Additionally, entertainment news websites and forums dedicated to the show may provide updates or rumors about a potential second season.


“Ashes of Love” is a popular Chinese fantasy drama series that aired from August 2 to September 3, 2018. It is based on the novel “Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost” by Dian Xian.

The story of “Ashes of Love” revolves around a flower deity named Jin Mi, who is born from a mystical flower and is unaware of the emotions of love. She falls in love with the Heavenly Emperor’s second son, Xu Feng, who is destined to be the Fire God. However, their love faces numerous obstacles and challenges, including political intrigue, family conflicts, and personal sacrifices.

Throughout the series, Jin Mi undergoes a journey of self-discovery and learns about the power and complexities of love. She encounters various other characters, including Run Yu, the Night Deity, who develops feelings for her, and Li Ying, the Flower Deity, who becomes her confidant and friend.

The series combines elements of romance, fantasy, and mythology to create a captivating storyline. It explores themes of love, fate, and the consequences of one’s actions. The visually stunning production and compelling performances by the cast have contributed to the show’s popularity.

As for the conclusion of the series, without spoiling any major details, the ending of “Ashes of Love” brings resolution to the main storylines and provides closure for the characters. It ties up loose ends and offers a satisfying conclusion to the journey of Jin Mi and Xu Feng’s love story.

Please note that as my knowledge cutoff is in September 2021, there may have been further developments or spin-offs related to “Ashes of Love” beyond that point. It’s always a good idea to check for updates or additional content from official sources if you are interested in exploring more about the series.



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