Around the World on a Ship, This Couple Doesn’t Know Corona Pandemic

They just found out there was a pandemic when they were leaning on the harbor.

In the digital age where big and important news is easily spread, it turns out there are still people on this Earth who don’t know about the Covid-19 pandemic.Elena Manighetti and Ryan Osborne from Manchester, England, claimed they did not know about the corona virus pandemic.They only understood about the deadly pandemic when it arrived in an island nation in the Caribbean Sea.

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Around the World on a Ship

Yes, Elena and Ryan are an adventurous couple. After deciding to quit the job to travel the world aboard the ship.Even though they are in the middle of the ocean, Elena and Ryan continue to communicate with their families. But they did not want to hear unpleasant news during sailing.

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New Tofu Corona Spread Throughout the World

Elena told the BBC that in February they had actually heard there was a virus in China. But at that time the information they got was very limited.”We only found out in full when we arrived in the Caribbean after sailing for 25 days,” Elena said.

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Around the World 2020
Around the World 2020 on a Ship, This Couple Doesn’t Know Corona Pandemic

Sail the Atlantic Ocean

Elena herself is from Lombardy in northern Italy, which is one of the areas hardest hit by the corona virus.The couple quit their jobs in 2017 and decided to take a trip around the world.In February 2020, they intend to sail the Atlantic Ocean by buying a boat to sail from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean Sea.

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Quarantined on Own Boat

But when they arrived in Saint Vincent and the Grenadine in mid-March, they saw the border of the Caribbean island nation closed.”We told our contacts on the beach that we did not want to hear bad news because it would be difficult for us,” Elena said.

Initially they were prohibited from entering the borders of Saint Vincent and Grenadine for fear of transmitting the virus.But after showing GPS that during their last 25 days at sea, Elena and Ryan were allowed to dock. The couple underwent independent quarantine on their ship.At the moment Elena and Ryan can only wait on their boat in Bequi, Saint Vincent, and cannot continue their next journey.

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