Antonio Brown Net Worth: How Much Does the NFL Player Make in 2021?

Antonio Brown is an American footballer best known for playing the biggest player in the National Soccer League (NFL) for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and a few other teams. When he is on the field, Brown is one of the top players in his position.

Full Name Antonio Tavaris Brown Sr.
Birth Date July 10, 1988
Birth Place Miami, Florida
Profession NFL Wide Receiver
Wife Not Married
Net Worth $20 Million

Early Life

Antonio Brown was born July 10, 1988, in Miami, Florida to parents Eddie Brown and Adrianne Moss. Brown’s father played extensively in the Arena Football League for ten years (1994-2003) and was recognized by the league in 2006 for being the best player in its history.

Brown has a younger brother named Desmond who played running back at the University of Pittsburgh. While studying at Miami Norland High School, Brown played several positions for the team, earning two regional options.

After failing to enter Florida State University due to academic concerns, Brown enrolled in the North Carolina Tech Prep to play quarterback. Surprisingly, Brown has collected 24 touchdowns in just five games. Eventually, he came to Central Michigan University as a freshman.

Antonio Brown College Career

Antonio Brown’s journey to NFL stardom was unusual and impossible at times. However, he always has electrical properties. As a college freshman, Brown led the Mid-American Conference with 102 awards, which eventually won him the Freshman of the Year award. He also made the All-Conference team as a returnee.

Brown scored 923 points and seven points in his second season, but made another major impact on the special teams. He led the conference in both punt return and kick return yardage.

In his third and final season of integration, Brown finished with 110 innings and nearly 1,200 yards. The Chippewa have set a record of 12 victories in 2009. After the season, Brown announced he would be competing in the 2010 NFL Draft.

Antonio Brown Career & Net Worth

Antonio Brown was selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers for 195 votes in the sixth round of the 2010 NFL Draft. 21 comprehensive recipients were written before him. In his first game, Brown brought home a kicking game against the Tennessee Titans. He ended his rookie year by capturing just 16 of 167 yards in 10 games.

Brown made a huge contribution in his second season, finishing the year holding 69 1,108 yards, while technically starting just three games. Surprisingly, he became the first player in the history of the league to collect more than 1,000 yards in both the receiving and returning of the same season. He was selected for the Pro Bowl as a returnee.

After signing an extension with Pittsburgh in his third year, Brown has had a solid year, but not a good one as he puts up decent numbers while having internal disputes with teammates and coaches. However, 2013 began his rise to become the best receiver in the NFL.

Antonio Brown Stats

From 2013-2018, Brown made 114 catches per season to match 11 touchdowns. At that time, he was named in four First-Pros All-Pros as well as a second-class confession. In addition, Brown was named in the Pro Bowl for all six seasons and led the league to two receptions and two yards.

Even staying out of 2019, Brown was a simple decision for the 2010 All-Decade Team. He was sold from Steelers to Raiders following the 2018 season after requesting a deal.

Antonio Brown Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Brown signed a contract with the Bucs led by Tom Brady a few weeks into the 2020 season. The recipient had played one game with Brady in the New England Patriots in 2019 before being sacked due to off-field issues.

In eight Tampa Bay games, Brown grabbed 45 passes for 483 yards and four touchdowns. In Super Bowl LV, Brown held a touchdown pass that helped them win the game. Brown played well in two games this year before being included in the COVID-19 list and later suspended three games (currently playing).

Antonio Brown Personal Life

Brown has four sons and one daughter. Three of his children were with his longtime girlfriend and ex-girlfriend Chelsie Kyriss, and his other two children had two other women. She is also the cousin of Baltimore Ravens recipient Marquise Brown.

The decorated athlete had a few personal moral scandals during his playing days. The first one came in 2018 when he allegedly nearly killed a small child by throwing furniture through a 14-story window and ran at a speed of more than 100mph on a highway near the city.

In 2019, Brown’s former coach accused him of sexual misconduct three times. The two later agreed on a contract. Last year there were many domestic disputes involving the police. In addition, Brown will be charged with burglary, battery, and criminal misconduct. He served two years of probation and was instructed to do community service and take anger control classes.

Who did Antonio Brown play for?

Brown has played for nine years with the Steelers, under the year with the Raiders / Patriots, and is currently a member of the Buccaneers.

How tall is Antonio Brown?

Brown on the short side when it comes to wide receivers as he stands at five-five-ten.

How many rings does Antonio Brown have?

Brown’s only Super Bowl ring entered the Super Bowl LV as a member of the Bucs. He also lost the Super Bowl in his rookie year as a member of the Steelers.

Antonio Brown Net Worth

As of 2021, Brown has an estimated $ 20 million in assets. Throughout his NFL career, he has made an estimated $ 80 million, but as you can see he has lost most of that.

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