Alert!Second Wave of Corona Potential to Hit Indonesia

Corona virus pandemic phase in Indonesia is currently claimed to have not reached its peak.

Some experts say the corona virus pandemic that occurred in Indonesia has not yet reached its peak. It is predicted that this pandemic will last for the next few months.Public Health Expert, Hasbullah Thabrany, reminded Indonesian people to be aware of the threat of the second wave of the spread of Covid-19. One way to maintain endurance.

Looking back in history, when the flu epidemic hit Spain there was another wave of threats after the first phase was over. So the corona virus pandemic needs to be aware of.“Back again, this virus did experience 100 years ago also showing that there were 3 waves,” Hasbullah said,

According to Hasbullah, endurance is the greatest strength against corona. This is considering the vaccine has not been found for the virus.”To deal with the wave there is no other way before vaccines and drugs are found, and now the only way to work is to maintain our immune system is very important,” he said.

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Corona virus should not be underestimated

Hasbullah said that the community must be able to conduct self-evaluation to avoid the possibility of contracting.”For the young, God willing, it is still safer, for the elderly do not leave the house except in a position alone, keep a long distance,” he said.The most important thing, asserted Hasbullah, should never underestimate Covid-19. For example, thinking of the tropics will not be infected by Covid-19.

Virus always adapts to the environment quickly and we should not underestimate it as if it would not be too dangerous in a tropical country, many do, yes we have to assume that this virus is very dangerous. And most likely he will come back, “he explained.”Therefore we must term the war we must always be ready to be alert. Don’t underestimate. Don’t underestimate this someday it will be endemic as does dengue fever,” Hasbullah added

One effort to maintain endurance, can be done by consuming herbal ingredients, such as herbal medicine, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Herbal medicine can help maintain and strengthen endurance.”Yes, we have fruits that contain lots of vitamin C, guava is abundant and it also helps our farmers. So it is good for our local wisdom to take the wisdom of eating local fruits, herbs and so on. God willing, makes endurance but does not cure “There is no evidence to treat it. So make no mistake,” Hasbullah said.

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In addition to the lungs, the Corona Covid-19 virus also attacks the heart and kidneys

Besides the lungs, Covid-19 also attacks the heart. In South Korea there are reported cases of heart disease caused by Covid-19 infection.According to World of Buzz , this report shows that the virus that infects a person is feared to cause wider complications than just a respiratory disorder.

Alert! Second Wave of Corona
Alert! The Second Wave of Corona Potential to Hit Indonesia

Process of infection can be described, corona virus receptors are not only found in the lungs, but also in the kidneys, digestive tract, and also the heart.Doctor Kim Woo-joo from Korea University Hospital in Guro said, that is why Covid-19 causes inflammation in other organs besides the lungs.

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First Case of Attacking a Young Woman

The case happened to a 21-year-old woman from Daegu. Initially he had no history of inflammatory diseases of the heart. But as a result of him being infected with Covid-19, he experienced trading in the heart.Daegu is the most severely infected city in South Korea with 64% of the total number of infections in South Korea.While the female patient initially only showed symptoms of coughing, sore throat, fever and diarrhea. Then he began to experience severe breathing difficulties and had to be taken to the Keimyung Dongsan University Hospital, and for only three days he had been diagnosed with Covid-19.

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Infection Spreads to the Lungs and Heart

Doctor Kim In-cheol, a cardiologist who treats the female patient, informed MRI images, X-Ray and CT scans showing alarming signs. The signs are obvious infections in the lungs and heart.”A scan on his chest showed a swelling of the heart and a viral infection in his lungs, like the murky color of the peanut,” he said.He added that his heart’s ability to pump blood had been disrupted and he had to be treated for a month in the hospital. Even a quarter of that time is spent in the ICU.

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Corona virus causes severe heart damage

Cardiologist said that although the woman had recovered, heart damage from the virus can be proven to last a long time. Unfortunately, this young girl is just one of many cases showing similar heart damage symptoms.According to doctor Kim In-cheol, almost half of the severely infected patients admitted to the hospital showed symptoms of heart problems due to Coona-19 corona virus infection. The case was reported even higher.

Cardiac damage in patients is detected using highly sensitive methods such as the level of protein scanning, known as troponin, in the blood biomarker of myocardial injury.”People with heart conditions are at increased risk for more severe Covid-19 infections,” explained Doctor Kim In-cheol.

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