E-Learning Systems Followed by Adequate Capabilities of Teachers

In response to the spread of the covid-19 virus, the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) is promoting its free online learning platform, Rumah Belajar. Some private sectors have also begun to aggressively promote their products to be used during this holiday policy.“In Indonesia, there are already many schools that apply e-learning. The application of e-learning system should also be followed by the existence of adequate abilities from the teachers in operating the e-learning. Adequate abilities will also support them in navigating their work in the distance learning system through e-learning, “said researcher for the Center for Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS) Nadia Fairuza Azzahra.

Nadia also reminded that not all schools have these facilities, especially those in rural areas. In addition, the unequal access and infrastructure of the internet also needs attention. Schools that do not have online learning facilities will experience difficulties in catching up with learning material.Apart from not having a learning platform and internet access, not all students have devices that support online learning such as smartphones or laptops and internet access in their homes. The only thing that can be done is to give a lot of homework to students, even though this method is not as maximum as onli

E-Learning Systems Should
E-Learning Systems Should Be Followed by Adequate Capabilities of Teachers

ne learning.

Nadia also stated, the importance of proactive actions from the local Education Office in providing solutions and assistance to schools that do not have easy access to e-learning.This is important so that schools do not stutter in responding to the current situation. Parents are also expected to really pay attention to learning systems like this. Supervision and assistance to children in applying the e-learning system or doing homework is expected to help the success of the distance education process.

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