Actress McKenna Grace’s Net Worth: How Much Does She Earn?

Mckenna Grace is a famous American children’s actress. She is best known for her role as Penny Kirkman in the ABC drama series “Designed Survivor”. Grace is also known for appearing as Theodora “Theo” Crain in the horror TV drama series “The Haunting of Hill House”. As of 2021, the total value of Mckenna Grace is estimated at $ 2 million.

Full Name Mckenna Grace
Birth Date June 25, 2006
Birth Place Grapevine, Texas, U. S.
Profession Child actress
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $2 million

Early life

Mckenna Grace was born on 25th June 2006 in Grapevine, Texas, United States. She was born to parents Ross Burge and Crystal Grace. On her 5th birthday, she received a collection of movies featuring the character, Shirley Temple from her grandfather. After watching the film collections, he decided to become an actor. Soon, he started taking acting classes, at which point his teachers were amazed at the girl’s ability.

Grade had his immediate agent, which helped him get the first job that was a YMCA sale. Later, the agent advised her to move to Los Angeles, and without delay, along with her parents, she moved to Los Angeles. There, she did an interview for the role of Hannah Palmer in the film “Goodbye World”. He was eventually nominated for a film, and as a result, he made his first film. The film was released in 2013, and received a restricted response from audiences and critics alike.

Mckenna Grace Net Worth & Career

Grace has made a name for herself on the small screen before appearing in the film. She appeared as Jasmine Bernstein in the TV series “Crash & Bernstein”. You have been a part of a series of 15 episodes. Since then, he has appeared in numerous TV series such as “Gravity Falls”, The Vampire Diaries “,” Blog Dog “,” Pickle and Peanut “,” Once On a Time “, The Lion Guard” and “Fuller House”.

In 2016, she appeared as Penny Kirkman in the thrilling drama series “Chosen for Survival”. You have gained a lot of recognition for showing amazing performance in the series. Later, she gained more recognition after appearing as Young Theodora Crain in the shocking series “The Haunting of Hill House”. Grace will soon play a major role in the horror comedy series “Just Beyond”.

Mckenna also showed off her amazing acting skills in many movies such as “Amityville: The Awakening”, “Captain Marvel”, “Troop Zero”, and “Annabelle Comes Home”. Grace will soon appear in the upcoming films “Spirit Untamed”, “Malignant”, “Ghostbusters: Afterlife”, and “Crater”.

Mckenna Grace Personal Life

The current state of Mckenna Grace’s unmarried relationship. He’s most popular on Instagram, where he has 1.4 million followers. Grace is a vegetarian and loves animals. He also worked with PETA and Farm Sanctuary on the campaign, reminding people not to put their dogs in hot cars.

Mckenna Grace Net Worth

Since 2021, Mckenna Grace has received a total of $ 2 million. However, we get more information about how much you earn from episode series and movies. Grace is 14 years old, and she has not been able to make a name for herself in the years to come. He will definitely make his name on the list of leading actors in the next few years.

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