Actress Brett Butler Net Worth in 2021: How Much Does She Really Earn?

Brett Butler is an American actor and rising comedian. Brett is best known for appearing in a comedy series entitled Grace Under Fire, in which he played the title. However, his career was overshadowed by drug abuse that greatly affected his career. As of 2021, Brett Butler’s total value is estimated at $ 20,000. Although in his career, Brett was able to make millions, some poor financial decisions have caused his profits to plummet over the years.

Full Name Brett Butler
Birth Date January 30, 1958
Birth Place Montgomery, Alabama
Profession Actress and Stand-Up Comedian
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $20,000

Early Life

Brett was born on January 30, 1958, and grew up in Alabama with his four sisters. He grew up in a modest family and sometimes had to eat Tootsie Rolls for dinner.

In addition, her mother was depressed and her husband was an alcoholic. In time Brett will join the University of Georgia but his stay at the university will be short. To survive, she worked as a waitress.

Brett Butler Net Worth and Career

Brett was trying to make a joke of self-promotion where he found success. He also made his debut on television using The Tonight Show and will eventually be part of the Dolly series. Although the series was not very successful, the role provided much-needed information to Brett. However, her biggest success came when she became part of the 1993 comedy series Grace Under Fire.

Brett managed to find a place for Grace Kelly and the whole series was based on her character who was a single mother who was divorced and a former alcoholic. The series and its popularity continued to grow year after year as she also received two nominations for Best Actress – Music TV Comedy Series or Comedy at the Golden Globe Awards.

He became a drug addict and, in the wake of his intoxication in 1998, Brett returned to his job. However, she found it difficult to find work. But it could be Charlie Sheen who was also part of Grace Under Fire who will help Brett. Sheen helped Brett re-participate in a program called Anger Management. This will lead to the start of the second chapter of his career as he continues to be part of a number of shows such as How to Get Away With Murder and The Walking Dead.

Personal Life

Brett married Charles Michael Wilson in 1978 when he was only 20 years old. After a divorce, she married Ken Zieger in 1987 but they later divorced.

Brett had a long history of drug addiction, which led to his acting a strange behavior on the team. Because of this, ABC decided to cancel the series as Brett was the main character. He then moved on to rehab and moved to a Georgia farm.

Brett Butler Net Worth

As of 2021, Brett Butler has an estimated net worth of $ 20,000. It is estimated that at one point in his career during the Grace Under Fire thunderstorm, Brett made millions. However, he did not manage his finances in such a way that he could be relied on for financial security. Her financial situation is very bad right now as she lives in a one-bedroom apartment in LA months late in rent.

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