Actor Steve Burns Net Worth: What is his Net Worth in 2021?

Steve Burns is a 47-year-old American actor, singer and TV presenter. He is best known as the presenter of the long-running children’s television program ‘Blue’s Clues’. Burns released his debut album “Dustmites Songs” in 2003. As of 2021, Steve Burns’ total value is estimated at $ 10 million.

Full Name Steven Michael Burns
Birth Date October 9, 1973
Birth Place Boyertown, Pennsylvania, U. S.
Profession Actor, Musician, TV host
Relationship Status N/A
Net Worth $10 million

Early life

Steve Burns was born on October 9th, 1973 in Boyertown, Pennsylvania, United States. He was born to his parents, Joseph and Janet Burns. Burns grew up with his two sisters. Through her studies, she attended the Boyertown Area Senior High School. He graduated with a high school degree in 1992.

Burns loved music from the beginning, and used to play in the band Nine Pound Truck, Sudden Impact US, and Ivys. Later, he became interested in acting and went to the University of DeSales to study theater. However, he dropped out of school and moved to New York City.

Steve Burns Net Worth & Career

Burns had his first job as an advertising voice artist. At the time, she was living in a basement near Times Square. Later, she received several role-playing roles in the TV series “Law & Order”, and “Murder: Street Life”. In 1995, he auditioned for the Blue’s Clues’. However, in the past he thought it was some kind of voice role.

Steve was unable to impress Nickelodeon executives at first, but, at the end of the 100 auditions, he was selected. Nickelodeon Executive co-ordinator, and co-ordinator, Traci Paige Johnson called him the most real of 100 people. Blue’s Clues ended up being a hit song just because of Burn’s performances on the show, which went well according to program format.

Burns held the famous children’s series for six years from 1996 to 2002. In addition to his acting role, he has also demonstrated his involvement with the production of the game. After hosting 100 episodes, he announced his retirement as manager in 2002.

Steve said that although he never wanted to be a babysitter, he remained attached to the game for a long time. At the end of his final day, he shaved his head. After his departure, his place was taken by a new host, Donovan Patton.

Burns continued his musical dream after leaving Blue’s Clues, and worked on his debut album for two and a half years. On August 12, 2003, he finally released his debut album “Dustmites Songs”. Burns later formed a music group called Steven Burns and the Struggle. He released his second album Deep Sea Recovery Efforts in 2009.

Steve has also appeared in other films. He starred in the 2007 horror comedy movie “Netherbeast Incorporated”, and the 2008 film “Christmas on Mars”.

Steve Burns Personal Life

Steve Burns did not provide details about his current relationship status. We have tried to dig into some of his personal information via his official Instagram account. However, she has not yet posted pictures that give us a clue about her relationship issues. His official Instagram account, steveburnsalive currently has 123K followers.

Steven Burns recently released a video on the 25th anniversary of Blue’s Clues. The video is directed at his older fans who grew up watching it on Blue’s Clues. In his video, he described what happened to his character after his departure from Blue’s Clues.

He said, “I just got up and went to college. And that was really challenging, but it’s good because I have to use my mind and take action on time, and now I’m doing a lot of things I wanted to do. “

Steve Burns Net Worth

As of 2021, Steve Burns’ fortune is estimated at ten million dollars. He has collected a large number of appearances in several TV shows and movies. His musical career is likely to add some value to his value.

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