A Row of Heartbreaking Story of Children Infected by Covid-19

Small age requires that they get psychological treatment.

Positive cases of Covid-19 continue to spread to 34 provinces of the country. The total number of positive patients as of Friday 24 April 2020 reached 8,211 people after the addition of 436 new cases.”So that the total is 8,211,” said Achmad Yurianto, Government Spokesperson for handling Covid-19,This virus is no longer looking at age. Of these, a number of pediatric patients were found. A 4-month old baby is positive for Covid-19 when he returns to Indonesia. It was learned that he had been invited by his mother to work in Malaysia.

In addition there are also two children from Solo, Central Java who are suspected of being exposed through local transmission.”If (this case) is usually infected from close people. The contracting can be from parents or caregivers. But children can also be infected when playing outside. We are tracing first,” said Chief Executive of the Co-19 Handling Acceleration Handling Task Force in Solo, Ahyani who also serves as Secretary of Solo.Not only that, there were also cases of 2-year-old infants in Pekanbaru, Riau who were positive for corona. He is suspected of contracting from his grandfather (54) who has a history of a trip to Bekasi.Here is a series of stories of children exposed to Covid-19,

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Chairperson of the Solo Covid-19 Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling in Solo, Ahyani revealed that two children under the age of 10 were corona positive on Thursday, April 23, 2020. The two children were residents of Jebres Village, Jebres District and Nusukan Village, Banjarsari District.”The two patients confirmed by Covid-19, these children are in a positive grade from PDP. We are very sorry for the children,”

Ahyani said in Solo, Friday, April 24, 2020.Ahyani also suspected that at this time there was Covid’s local transmission. -19 in Solo. Especially when children play with caregivers or friends outside the home.He asked the hospital to provide special treatment for children, “The age is still so much that it still needs parents. For patients, these children should have psychological assistance.”

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A Row of Heartbreaking
A Row of Heartbreaking Story of Children Infected by Covid-19

Contracting Gowa Cluster Patients

Two patients aged 7 and 16 years old were found in Jambi. Currently they are being treated at Surya Khairudin Merlung Hospital, West Tanjungjabung Regency, Jambi.The 3 people from West Tanjab, two are still children, they have close contact with patients 06 who are related to the Gowa cluster, these 06 patients are still being treated at Abdul Manap Regional Hospital, Jambi City, “said Johansyah, Spokesperson of Co-Management Handling 19 Jambi, Friday 24 April 2020.

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Positive Corona After Returning from Malaysia

Pada Jumat 24 April 2020, jumlah pasien positif Corona di Sumatera Selatan bertambah 13 kasus. Salah satu pasien baru yang terkonfirmasi positif adalah bayi berusia 4 bulan.Bayi diketahui positif Covid-19 lewat hasil pemeriksaan rapid test dan swab. Saat ini bayi tersebut telah menjalani perawatan di rumah sakit.

Bayi itu berusia empat bulan, anak seorang TKW.Hingga kini ada dua bayi di Sumsel yang positif Covid-19. Sebelumnya sudah ada bayi perempuan asal Musi Banyuasin.”His mother was negative, and the baby was infected by a migrant worker who was previously positive, the case was imported,” Yusri said.

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Contracting from Grandfather

Spokesperson for the Covid-19 Riau Task Force, Dr. Indra Yopi said there were 17 positive patients being treated at Pekanbaru hospitals and other districts. Three of them are new cases in Dumai City and another in Pekanbaru.”The one in Dumai is one family, one of whom has a history of traveling to Bekasi, namely S (54),” Indra said.

Upon arrival at home, S made contact with family members with the initial K (46). The virus that looks for a host in this part of the lung also infects a two-year-old baby who is a grandson of S.”Aged two years and close contact with S, this patient is his grandchild,” Indra said.

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