45 Collection of Muslim Baby Boy Names and Their Meanings

Baby names can be a prayer for the baby’s life until later. Don’t give names carelessly.

Baby should indeed get a beautiful name given from their parents. This collection of Islamic baby boy names might be an inspiration for those of you who are waiting for the birth of your baby.Surely giving a baby’s name should not be arbitrary yes Friends of Dream. Names for our sons and daughters are part of prayer for the life of the baby someday to old age.

Often parents who will welcome the birth of a baby, they are busy with looking for references to beautiful names. The name of a baby boy from a Muslim is still sought for as reference material of choice.In Indonesia many Islamic baby boy names are used. Usually the names of these Islamic baby boys come from Arabic. Of course it also has a very strong Islamic meaning. You can compose your own Islamic baby boy name too Friends. Next Dream succeeded in summarizing from several sources various collections of Islamic baby boy names and their meanings.

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17 A Collection of Islamic Baby Boy Names Consisting of Two Syllables

  1. Akhdan Ziyad: Someone who is friendly and has special features.
  2. Abidin Aminullah: Expert worship of Allah SWT
  3. Adib Munawwir: The educator who enlightens (illuminates)
  4. Afif Makarim: A noble man who keeps his honor
  5. Akbar Maulana: Great and noble leader of the people
  6. Aly ‘Arasy: The leader of a people whose noble culture
  7. Amir Mubarak: A blessed leader
  8. Arib Mustafa: Smart man chosen
  9. Fahim Hayatuna: Men who can understand our lives.
  10. Ghaitsul Mubarakah: Men are like heavy rain that brings gifts.
  11. Ghushun Ni’amillah: Men who get all kinds of blessings from Allah.
  12. Insyirah Munawwar: Men who have a ray of happiness.
  13. Khazinun Katsiran: Men who have abundant wealth.
  14. Lafifuddin Mu’tasham: Men who have religious refinement and are awake from sin.
  15. Rafardhan Athalla: Men who emit light rays as a gift of God.
  16. Taqiuddin Jayyid: Good men are pious in religious teachings.
  17. Rahid Mumtaz: Smooth, special man.

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18 A Collection of Islamic Baby Boy Names Consisting of Three Syllables

  • Abdilah Abqari Agam: Smart and strong boys who serve Allah
  • Abbas Zainul Muttaqin: A brave man who adorns the righteous
  • Abhan Shultanul Alam: A smart man who controls nature
  • Affaq Mahmud Ibrahim: The respected wanderer prophet
  • Alif Nur Mahmudi: The first child to be a light of praise
  • Alim Shafiyuur Rahman: Gentle, intelligent man who is loved by Allah SWT
  • Anwar Fauzi As’ad: The agent of happiness
  • Arbani Ma’mun Mahmudi: A man of faith who is fluent in speech and praiseworthy
  • Asad Saeful Millah: The brave defender of religion (Islam)
  • Bari Abdul Jalil: A servant of Allah who is intelligent and noble
  • Dhiaurrahman Zahid Hamizan: Men who have loving, clever, strong and handsome rays and keep away from luxury
  • Fadli Akram I’tisham: A noble man who has strengths and holds fast to the truth
  • Kamalunniam Khairul Insan: The best human male who has the perfection of pleasure
  • Raziq Hafuza Madani: Men who are cheap servants of sustenance and encouragement to progress
  • Zahid Hamizan Rabbani: Men who are humble, intelligent and wise and pious
  • Hadwan Harsa Haryaka: A man whose life is calm, happy and always doing good
  • Jasim Mu’afa Ar-Rasyiq: Men who are healthy and strong
  • Thalibul Huda Assuja: A brave man is looking for Allah’s guidance

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45 Collection of Muslim Baby2020
45 Collection of Muslim Baby2020 Boy Names and Their Meanings

10 Collection of Islamic Baby Boy Names Consisting of Four Syllables

  1. Fadhlurrahman Syathir Labib Pramana: a boy who gave a smart, intelligent, and wise god.
  2. Riffat Tsaqib Agraj Fahim: smart men with high leadership and always right in acting.
  3. Dehaan Yaqub Aydin Julian: A young boy with a spirit who is humble, determined, strong and has good character like a prophet.
  4. Mohammad Zidan Aiman ​​Naza: a laudable man who always forgives and is as useful as a coconut.
  5. Diya Al Din Dhafir: handsome man who is always patient to get the victory.
  6. Pasya Saquell Syazani Althfurrahman: a boy who is handsome, smart, generous and kind like a king.
  7. Nafis Abizar Khilafah Iman: a boy who can later become a trusted person and is able to spread the religion of Islam which is so valuable.
  8. Dira Namvar Arsalan Hafizhan: Boys who can later become people who have policies.
  9. Arfadhia Riyu Kinza Alhanan: a boy who is a favorite, a love and later has a fortune and a hidden price in a high place.
  10. Fahlefi Jaasir Addi Tonda: a brave man who is kind and always prays to his god.

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Collection of Islamic Baby Boy Names that You Can Compose Yourself

  • Aathif: Compassion
  • Abraar: The group that does good
  • Absyar: Excited
  • Achnaf: Holy
  • Addin: Earth
  • Adhim: Humans
  • Adwa ‘: Light
  • Alham: Ilham
  • Alif: People who are happy with humans and are liked
  • Almair: Prince
  • Almeer: ​​Prince, honestly
  • Altaf: Softer
  • Alwan: It’s colorful
  • Alzam: Diligent
  • Biruni: The name of a great scholar who is also a scientist
  • Busyairi: Giver of good news
  • Baihaqi: Imam of narrators of hadith
  • Elhasiq: An intelligent and skilled person
  • Dikara: A good sign
  • Fathara: Beginning
  • Fatian: Smart
  • Ghazani: The main one
  • Hammadi: Praising
  • Harithah: Regarding the lion
  • Hoesaini: My goodness
  • Imada: Sportive
  • Imtiyaz: Choice
  • Jazlan: Cheerful
  • Jazmi: Strong determination
  • Khair: Goodness
  • Laiq: Decent
  • Lutfan: Meek
  • Mahadhir: Writing Goodness
  • Kashafa: Opening, revealing
  • Kasyafa: Pure, holy, happiness

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