2 Days of Eating Pufferfish, Husband and Wife and In-laws in Banyuwangi Killed Poisoning

All three ate puffer fish cooked with coconut milk.

One family consisting of husband, wife, and mother-in-law in Banyuwangi, East Java died on Tuesday, March 10, 2020. The reason was that the three of them ate pufferfish which is known to be poisonous.The three people are Muhlis Hartono, 66 years old, Dewi Ambarwati, 58 years old, and Siti Habsah, 80 years old, who is Muhlis’s mother-in-law. The three were registered as residents of Alas Need Village, Wongsorejo District.”Three people died as a result of fish poisoning, one man and two women,” said Banyuwangi Police Chief, Senior Commissioner Arman Asmara Syarifudin.

The puffer fish which was suspected to be the cause of the death of the three people was obtained by Muhlis from fishing on Monday, March 9, 2020. The fish was then cooked by Muhlis’s wife for side dishes for two days.”The fish is then cooked with coconut milk soup. On Monday, they had eaten the fish but it did not have fatal consequences,” Arman said.

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Day Two New Problems Appear

On Tuesday, the three of them returned to eat the processed puffer fish. However, this time they experienced abdominal pain and vomiting.All three were rushed to the health center and get medical treatment. Unfortunately, all three lives could not be saved.”They were declared dead. Our officers in the field immediately did the crime scene,” explained Anwar.

2 Days of Eating Pufferfish 2020
2 Days of Eating Pufferfish 2020 Husband and Wife and In-laws in Banyuwangi Killed Poisoning

The police took the remaining fish as a sample to be examined in a forensic laboratory.Luckily, there is still one family member who survived because he did not eat the processed fish.”There is a child aged 10 months who survived because he did not eat the fish,” said one of the relatives of the victim, Ahmad Soifulloh.

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Innalillahi, One Family in Pulogadung Killed in Genset Smoke Poisoning Suspected

One family consists of father, mother, and two children, a resident of Jalan Kayu Mas Selatan VI block C. RT.01 RW.09, Pulogadung, East Jakarta died as a result of poisoning from the generator smoke.This family was forced to turn on the generator set due to a power outage due to floods that hit several areas.”Because there was generator smoke into the house, a husband and wife and two children died,” said East Jakarta Metro Police Chief, Senior Commissioner Arie Ardian when confirmed, Friday 3 December 2019.

Arie said the identity of the victims was known. They are Mahmudi, 35 years old, Ayu Maryana Oktavia, 29 years old, Selvia Audy, 9 years old and Mahezha Kurniawan, 5 years old.According to Arie, the family used a generator set that was kept inside the house when the lights went out. Carbon smoke from the generator is suspected to be trapped inside the house.In addition, the family also fell asleep when the generator turned on. Thus, all the smoke is inhaled and they lack oxygen.

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Chronology of Victim Discovery

The victim was first found dead at around 23.30 WIB by residents who were about to deliver food. At that time, the electricity was on.Because the door never opened, the residents peeked into the house. The residents saw a family’s nose bleed, then immediately reported to the police.But this is the assumption, we still have to wait for the doctor’s statement,” he said.The bodies of the four victims were then taken to the Kramat Jati Police Hospital for an autopsy.

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Commotion to Find the Corpses of Women Suspected by Ministry of Public Works Workers Buried by Casting

The discovery of the dead body of a woman in the Palembang Public Cemetery (TPU) Kandang Wire made a commotion. The body was found casted when buried in the burial area.The victim is allegedly the result of murder because he was still wearing full clothes.Quoting the Merdeka.com page, the body was found among the tombs which were only about 15 meters from the highway. The victim was found in an excavation as deep as half a meter with the condition casted in the supine position and legs bent.Police found the body of the victim to make the body to the Bhayangkara Hospital Palembang for autopsy purposes. It is hoped the victim’s identity can be revealed.

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It is suspected that the Ministry of Public Works civil servant

From the provisional allegations, the woman victim named Apriyanita (50) a state civil servant (ASN) in the Ministry of Public Works, Palembang.The whereabouts of the victims reportedly were unknown since 9 October 2019.The victim’s sister Heriyanto,

Who also carried out the excavation with the ranks of the Directorate of Criminal Police of South Sumatra, on Friday (10/25/2019) believed that the body found in the dico condition was his sister, Apriyanita.”I am sure it was the corpse of my brother who was lost a long time ago. I see there are characteristics and confidence as an older sister, because I myself dug it,” said Heriyanto.

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