2 This group will be prioritized for Corona Rapid Test

Rapid Tests are carried out as a screening of positive cases.

The government sets two groups that are prioritized for the Corona Rapid Test (Covid-19). These are people who have close contact with patients and health workers (Nakes).Government Spokesperson for Covid-19, dr. Achmad Yurianto gave an example that people who have contact with positive patients are families who are at home with patients. This group can also include people who work in the same office with patients.Meanwhile, the Rapid Test for Nakes is also prioritized given that they are people who are in close contact with patients.

Achmad explained that Rapid Test is not a direct examination of the Covid-19 virus, but rather is carried out by using the method of examining antibodies, bacteria or virus destruction substances in the body.Therefore, what was examined in this Rapid Test is the antibodies that are in the blood, so the specimens taken are blood, “said Dr. Achmad through a statement from the Ministry of Health, Wednesday, March 25, 2020.

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How the Rapid Test Works

Rapid Test takes 6-7 days for antibodies to form for blood tests. The results can be positive so the patient is believed to be infected with Covid-19. If the results show negative twice, the patient is believed to be uninfected but very susceptible to infection.This is important and must be carried out together. The positive results will be followed up with antigen testing through swab examination and then PCR, “said Yurianto. (mut)

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Rapid Test Begins: from the Most Prone Area of ​​Corona, South Jakarta

Government starts conducting corona rapid tests or Covid-19. This rapid test is carried out first in the most vulnerable areas.”Rapid tests have indeed been carried out this afternoon in an area that had been known to have contact tracking from positive patients with Covid-19,” said President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) at the State Palace, Jakarta, Friday, March 20, 2020.Jokowi said, medical officers from hospitals and puskesmas who were appointed came one by one the houses of residents in the area to ask residents to do the Covid-19 test.He said the area was in Jakarta. “In South Jakarta”.

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2 group will prioritized 2020
2 This group will be prioritized for Corona Rapid Test [2020]

Jokowi: We have prepared Corona medicine, order 2 million!

The government has prepared drugs to deal with the corona virus or Covid-19. The drug has been tried in several countries. And provide healing.”The anti-virus has not been found. But this drug has been tried by one or two countries and provides healing,” said Jokowi at the State Palace, Jakarta, Friday, March 20, 2020.The medicine in question is Avigan and Chloroquine. “We have brought 5,000 (Avigan) and are in the process of ordering up to 2 million. And we have also prepared 3 million (Chloroquine),” Jokowi added.

The drug will reach patients who need it through mobile doctors from house to house, through hospitals and puskesmas in the infected area.”We want to convey, we are not silent. But looking for things and what information can be in order to complete this Covid-19″.

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Fujifilm Flu Drugs Effective Against Corona Virus?

Search for vaccines and drugs to deal with the corona virus continues. One of the latest findings, namely, obstruction of influenza favipiravir.The Nikkei Asian Review reported , the influenza drug was made by a subsidiary of Fujifilm Holdings. The drug is sold in the market under the name Avigan.The Chinese government confirmed this finding. The drug has even been clinically tested on 200 patients.

Some doctors from Japan have also treated Covid-19 patients with Avigan. Tokyo has stockpiled enough drugs to treat 2 million patients.“We have been asked by the government to consider increasing production,” Fujifilm said.Avigan was approved to treat influenza in Japan in March 2014. Fujifilm signed a licensing agreement with Zhejiang Hisun Pharmaceutical China in 2016.Beijing has recommended this drug to healthcare providers.

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Trials and Side Effects

This drug is being tested in the US, Japan, China and elsewhere.Remdesivir has still not been approved anywhere for any use.Kaletra, an HIV treatment made by US-based AbbVie, has also been used to treat the corona virus in China along with other drugs. If proven effective, the production of this drug has the potential to be increased rapidly.The Institute of Medical Science at the University of Tokyo will begin to experimentally treat coronavirus patients with nafamostat, pancreatitis treatment, at the end of this week.

Even so, some of the drugs above still have side effects. Avigan, for example, causes birth defects during animal testing and is not recommended for use by pregnant women.Liver damage and pancreatitis have been observed in Kaletra users. Side effects for remdesivir are still unclear, but can include lowering blood pressure.

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