1,239 Indonesian Citizens Live in 5 Italian Regions Closed due to Corona

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs ensures the supply of Indonesian citizen food ingredients is guaranteed.The Italian government decided to lock down or close down five areas, Sunday 8 March 2020. The Pizza State government wants to limit the spread of the Corona virus, Covid-19.”This was done as an effort to control the spread of Covid-19,” said a statement issued by the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.The five regions are Lombardy in the Province of Venice; Padova, Treviso (or the Veneto region); Modena, Parma, Piacenza, Reggio Emilia, Rimini (or the Romagna region); Alessandria, Asti, Novara, Verbano, Vercelli (or the Piemonte region); and Pesaro-Urbino (or Marche region).

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that there were 1,239 Indonesian citizens living in the five regions. At present, the Indonesian Embassy (KBRI) in Rome continues to coordinate with local authorities.The Indonesian Embassy in Rome also continues to establish communication with the Indonesian citizens in the five regions through a coordinator. “Until now there has been no citizen identified as Covid-19 in the lock down area .”

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1,239 Indonesian Citizens Live in
1,239 Indonesian Citizens Live in 5 Italian Regions Closed due to Corona

Indonesian citizens in northern Italy are asked to be calm

In general, the Foreign Ministry added, Indonesians remained calm and decided to stay at home according to local authorities. Daily food supply guaranteed.The hotline number for the Covid-19 Indonesian Embassy handling post is .At present, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues to ask that the Indonesian people in Northern Italy be advised to remain calm. In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was asked to take preventative measures and follow the rules set by the local health authorities and continue to monitor information submitted by the Indonesian Embassy in Rome.

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Travelers from Iran, South Korea and Italy are prohibited from entering Indonesia

The government monitors the development of the corona virus in the world. To prevent the spread of the Covid-19 coded virus, the government banned the arrival of three countries, namely Iran, Italy and South Korea.” said Foreign Minister, Retno LP Marsudi, in Jakarta, quoted from the Ministry’s website Overseas , Thursday 5 March 2020.There are three things that are regulated. First, the prohibition of transit or entry for tourists in the last 14 days traveling to Iran (Tehran, Qom and Gilan), Italy (Lombardi, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Marche and Piedmont), and South Korea (Daegu and Gyeongsangkbukdo).

Tourists from three countries in the region must have a health certificate issued by the health authorities in each country.The certificate must be valid (still valid) and must be shown to the airline at check-in.”Without a health certificate and an authorized health authority, the migrants / travelers will be refused entry / transit in Indonesia,” he said.

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Required to Fill in a Health Card

Before landing, Retno asked the three countries’ tourists to fill out a Health Alert Card prepared by the Ministry of Health. The card includes questions about travel history.”If from the travel history, the person concerned has traveled within the last 14 days to one of the areas we mentioned earlier, the person concerned will be refused entry / transit in Indonesia,” he said.Indonesian citizens originating from the three countries must undergo additional health checks at the arrival airport. The policy takes effect starting Sunday, March 8 at 00:00.“This policy is temporary, will be evaluated in accordance with developments,” said Retno.

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Because of Corona, Airplane Ticket Prices Down Cheaper than a Cup of Coffee

Corona virus epidemic makes various industrial sectors fall. One of them is the aviation business. Because of lack of passengers, Chinese airlines immediately slam prices.The airlines sell tickets very cheaply. In fact, the price is cheaper than a cup of coffee.Quoted from the South China Morning Post , Saturday, February 29, 2020, the price of plane tickets from Shanghai to Chongqing is sold below the price of coffee. This designation aims to hoist the weakening domestic demand amid the Corona virus outbreak, Covid-19.

There are known to be cancellations of around 10 thousand flights per day or about two thirds of the total number of flights scheduled every day in February 2020. This puts enormous financial pressure on airports and airlines.The aviation authority in China said that flights should continue as part of the country’s efforts to restore the economy. However, passengers are still reluctant to fly with deadly outbreaks that have not been fully controlled.

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The Price Is Not Up To Rp. 60 Thousand.

The price of a three-hour flight ticket from Shanghai to Chongqing is offered at 29 yuan (Rp57,833) by the cheap airline in China, Spring Airlines. This price is cheaper than a cup of milk coffee at Starbucks which costs 32 yuan (Rp.63,803).Flight tickets from Shanghai to Harbin sell for 69 yuan (Rp. 137,577).Then, there are also Shenzhen Airlines offering travel tickets to Chongqing at a cost of 100 yuan (Rp199,387). Likewise, Chengdu Airlines offers flight tickets from Shenzhen to Chengdu at a price of 100 yuan.Aviation analyst at Bank of Communication International, Luya You, said this price drop could only produce thin profits.

5 Italian Regions Closed due to Corona
1,239 Indonesian Citizens Live in 5 Italian Regions Closed due to Corona

Or the airline won’t get any profit.”When the number of outbreaks is stable or decreases, operators will likely adjust the rates as well. Low tariffs will not last if the situation changes for the better, “Luya said.

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Unfavorable Economy

Luya said, many airlines received subsidies to operate domestic routes. This makes the economy unprofitable.This is because the route is the main link in the domestic aviation network infrastructure, “he said.Chinese aviation authorities say the average flight in China on January 25 to February 14 2020, including the Chinese New Year holiday, only 470 thousand flights.The number decreased 75 percent from the same period last year.Corona virus outbreaks make global airlines temporarily stop flights to China.

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